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My scariest moment was when my mom enrolled me at Apex Acadamey.They said it would be safe but in the middle of the school year a girl was late for class one boy was wondering the hall.The time was 12:00pm she had a broken ankle so the teacher would have excused her but the boy did not like the attention she was getting.So he wanted to get rid of her he ran up behind her and pushed her over the edge and killed her.After that he scarmed and ran in the bathroom than came back out pretinding he was in their all along.The ambalance came to get the body there very best to save her but on the way to the hospital she died.

The next day Elizbeth,Dominique,and Ja'Lesa who were best friends wanted to know who killed her and why.Dominique,Ja'Lesa was pretty tough Elizbeth was free sprited.Each of them came up with a plan to join after school progames to investigate the crime seen to see who killed her and why.Ja'Lesa did cheerleading,Dominique did basketball and Elizbeth did assitant head cheerleader.

So while break they met up in the bathroom and started the list of suspects.They heard a scream they ran the same person tried to kill another person.A boy named Toney but he was not suseccful this time because Toney caught himself and sense he was good at gymnasticshe couled hold his on body wight.So he did a flip and went up to the second floor.Dominique,Ja'lesa,and Elizbeth went into action they chased him down.We held him down till the cops came and got him.Another boy did the samething but got cought trying to do it.So one months suspention it was so bad they wanted to expel him.
After he came back he really wanted to kill Toney.He kilt Toney my closets friends.

My other friends are cheerleaders so Dominique asked could she be there body gard.They asked how much did I wanted per day I said $20 a day.So everyday for the rest of the year $20 for beating up people.The job had its advantages I got the money and they had protection.One day I watched one of my suspects his name is Tom.
Tom triped this boy named Dre through a glass door.My nefue laughed at the hole in the glass door he was suppose to be getting married to a lady named Ms.Candy.She was nice but Mrs.Potlicker was mean to me because she always gave me f's on all of my projects even the one my nefue helped me on and hes a teacher.Tom got expelled for what he did.At the end of the school year one of my friends that was a cheerleader that I was suppose to be protecting but thank goodness not outside of practice.I was so mad I could punch a wall so now I was determand to find out who was the killer.

When I found out it was the boy who went with Jalesa.Marc but while he went with Jalesa and liked Dominique's other school but soon got ex spelled or tried to got ex spelled and sued.
The End
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