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this is about my scariest moment
One day rainy stormy night. I was sleep under table. The t.v. was on and very loud. The book I was reading was Eragon. It was laying right in front of me. I got up and almost bumped my head. I crawled from under the table. It saw it was a dark evening and was rainy very hard.I walked slowly up stairs. I heard a noise.

I jumped and started to cal everyone name a few times.
I waited to hear someone call back no one answered back.Then the phone rang, I walked toward it slowly. And picked it up. Then I heard my mom. So she finally stop talking. I woke myself up fully. And watch t.v. until they came back.

While I waited I heard noises. They came from everywhere. Then I heard a door close. I got up to look but no one was there. Then my little brother came out of no where. I look at him for a few moment wondering was he there before. I carefully pick him up making sure it was noting going on. And as I went to set him on the couch. Then he said "cup". So I went to find it and I heard a "thud"sound.I ran to make sure my brother didn't fall. He was fine. So I went back to find his cup.

When I found it I went to get him some juice then I heard another "thud". I ran to make sure again.Then when I came back,my parents were at the door.I didn't not know it was them for a moment. And I jumped in the air for a moment. And I came back down my little brother was there.

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