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A story about Flavio's scasry moment.
I was at the park. It was close to sunset. I was about 9 years old. All the trees had bright green leaves and felt smooth. Most of the people were leaving the park. I went to look at animals in the woods. The grass was green it was summer.

My sister was there she was 11 years old. She is mean and evil. Especialy the day at the park since she tried to scare me. She came at the woods to while I didn't know she was there.

I was following a bunny who then went to his hole. I was all alone or thought I was all alone. I saw these blue flowers and looked at them. Then my sister started yelling in a weird voice. I was mad because my sister did that but also scared.

I was looking around trying to see who it was. I checked in bushes and behind trees but I couldn't find anyone. My sister stopped yelling and screamed in a high pitch voice. I started running to the noise. She stopped screaming and I stopped running. I was freaked out.

I heard someone laughing. I followed the noise and saw no one. Then my sister laughed even louder. I knew that was her because that was how she sounded. I followed the noise.

I saw my sister behind the bushes. She didn't know I saw her. The sun was almost down. I was happy it was my it was my sister and no one else. I was mad at her so I snuck up close to her.

I came right behind her and screamed she jumped up. I was laughing at her. We both left the woods. We went in my moms car. I learned that most of the time if anything bad happens its probably my sister. That was my scary story.
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