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This is another section of my novel Hitler's relations,
Arthur Hitler

Hitler, Born in a small village in 1904 he went on to become one of the 20th centuries biggest killers. By 1944 Hitler was in trouble but behind the lies and the betrayal of Hitler lied relations, these relations would soon start lives of their own this novel goes on to describe, 5 of his relations all of the details include fact and fiction.

It is your decision, which is which, the following story contains stuff, well you know, and if you do not then please read on, you may learn stuff, important stuff, so let me take you back in time to 1952, yes your about to meet one of the only Hitler relations left in our world today Arthur Hitler.

His dad was James Hitler, who died in 1955 and Margaret Samson, who died in 1978, Arthur was an the only child in his family his dad was the son of Adolph Hitler, He was born in 1932, his dad was very obsessed in his fathers work unfortunately, his mother Ava Bronn took him to Sansoniea in Africa, his father moved to Manchester in 1950 when he met his soon to be wife.

He was constantly in hospital after the birth of his soon he died of prostate cancer in June 1955, His mother married again in 1966 a man called Sam Morrison, he died of aids in 1974, the mother was infected with hepatitis C she died of it in August 1978.

The son moved away to Oslo, and raised his family, with his wife Cara. B. Allyson, his son Carl Hitler died at age 3 of a kidney infection. He was also carrying this disease and he is hospital to this present day October 2007, his wife left him in 2000 however to marry while he raised his only remaining child Eve Hitler she got married to Westby Farris, he had one child Shelby Hitler Farris, Shelby was going to die only age 6.

The same reason kidney disease, the mother must also have it, she soon died in October 22 2007, by now she was all ready, to go.

Then Arthur Hitler was sent to a care centre for test where he was told he was getting better, however he was old. The sad thing was Arthur didn’t know that Ava had another son Brain Hitler; he was surprised to find he had a brother who was still alive, just like him. He was old but still they could visit each other they meet in the jury’s inn on the 24th of October, the two men where glad to see each other for the first time.

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