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The best book in print teaching everything you need to learn the craft of frame bombs.
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What is a frame bomb?

A frame bomb is a semi-permanent construction of craft sticks
or similar which is held together only by tension across the form, without glue or adhesives. There are many different arrangements of sticks that produce frame bombs.
With a little training, you can build almost anything out of a single material. Just reach into your pocket and pull out a full-size guitar, a castle, or a thunderbolt! There are an unlimited number of frame bomb shapes with a huge variety of uses.
Frame bombing is an activity that can be performed by hobbyists of all dedication levels. You can learn a few 1 cell units to throw, or, with a little devotion, you can build towering structures from massive amounts of sticks. Frame bombing will teach you engineering and raise your dexterity.

Ultra fun!

Arguably the coolest thing about frame bombs is that, as the name suggests, they explode! Since only tension holds each unit together, if you chuck one it will blast a (harmless) shower of wood over the area!

The most useful aid for a frame bomber of any level looking for instructions is "The Great Book of Frame Bombs!"
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