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My short story is about FIZZ!......
It was winter and Andrew was cooped up in the house with nothing to do. He needed some exercise, so he put on his wooly swimming trunks, grabbed a towel, and had his older sister drive him to the rec center. He ran to the door to get in. The lady at the counter scanned his rec card and he went to the indoor pool. Andrew was the only one in the pool. Everyone else was sitting by a table shivering. They had white bubbles all over them! Hmm...is something wrong with the bubble baths? Andrew thought. Oh well. He dove right in. Uggh, what is this? Andrew thought. His whole body was fizzing! It felt like the fizz was shocking his skin so he took the steps right out.
"Ouch," Andrew said as he rubbed his hands all over his body. He was shivering, and oh no, his towel was in the pool!
"Awww man!" Andrew said as he watched his towel sink to the bottom.
"What's wrong with the pool?" Andrew asked a lady sitting at a table.
"Who knows?" she said. Andrew took a quick shower and headed to the scanning counter. He told the lady at the counter, "Something's wrong with the pool. It's fizzy and hurts your skin. No one is in the pool and I need to get my towel out of there!"
The lady quickly walked to the pool with Andrew. To their surprise, when they got there, the school mischief-maker, Jos`e, was pouring a whole box of Fizz-All into the pool! Everyone was shouting and pointing. The lady told Jos`e he was banned from the rec center and must return his rec card. He must also pay $15.00 to the rec.
Jos`e walked out with his head hanging down.
"Hurray!" everyone cheered. The lady told everyone that they would need to filter the pool. It would only take 15 minutes, so while it was happening everyone got a free slice of pizza. When the pool was done getting "un-fizzed", everyone jumped back in and had fun. Andrew swam to the bottom of the pool for the first time and got his towel back. Near the kiddie pool, a 3-year-old slipped on something.....a Fizz-All box! Here we go again!

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