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This is a story about a not very wealthy boy at the local pool.
      "Wow, the pool is really fizzy today!"  I said to my swim lessons instructor.  It was a little weird, I mean pools (especially the cheap one that I go to that doesn't have jets) aren't supposed to bubble. I started walking around the small pool. 
      Oh, where are my manners?  My name is Charlie Louis and you must be wondering why I go to such a cheap pool. Well, my family isn't too wealthy.  In fact we are very poor.  It's an extremely hard obstacle that we have to face, like we have bread and water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  My five sisters and I are all bone skinny and at school, teachers always make us eat a whole lot, like we always get extras.  You know, the one thing that I hate the most is how I have to get hand-me-downs from my older sister Laura.  On special occasions such as my birthday or Christmas I get to go to the thrift store.  My sister is a tomboy by the way, so don't be too shocked that I get her clothes. Well, back to the story.
      As I studied the pool, I thought that it looked like the hot tub in the Lion King.  I laughed and did a cannon ball in.  When my instructor told me to do a back float, the fizz helped me stay up.  But soon the road onto the best swim lesson ever took a u-turn when I got all itchy.
      "Everyone out."  My careless swim instructor said.  Nine out of the ten swimmers were itching like mad, including me.  "Everyone sit,"  she muttered and then she started studying the bubbly pool.  She noticed a box of Fizz-All sitting on the edge.  The stuff really could make you get a terrible rash if you are overly exposed to it.  "Who did this?"  She yelled.  No one said anything, but we all knew that the pool would have to be drained and we couldn't afford to fill it back up.             
      Then, I thought about everything that I saw in the past few days at this pool
I raised my hand.  "The other day I saw Richard pouring the fizz in the pool!"  I shouted quickly without being called on.  My swim instructor looked at Richard.  He was one of the wealthier people at our pool, so he could pay for the draining and refilling costs.
      For solving the small mystery I got a tootsie roll.  That was the first time that I did something heroic.  It felt really good and I actually thought high of myself for once.  Oh, and just to let you know, the itching stopped for everyone after they took showers.
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