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This story is about 3 girls that are going swimming.
Kristy and her friends were walking to the pool. They always gathered together like that. They almost did everything together. All three of them couldn't get teared apart. They shared everything to each other even their darkest secrets. They trusted each other to keep their secrets and not say a word about it. When they arrived they went inside the girls locker room and started to get ready to swim.

When they were walking towards the swimming pool they passed a sign that they hardly noticed. The sign said "DO NOT SWIM (YET)". The girls didn't see the sign because they were to busy talking among themselves. They put their towels down but before they could jump onto the swimming pool a man started to yell towards them.They turned around and saw a woman behind the gate was watering the flowers."That man must be talking to the woman." Kristy said to her friends. They didn't know that the man was really talking to them!

Before th man could get any closer the three girls jumped in the pool. They started to feel fuzzy things starting to go on their bodies. The fizzy stuff was hard like rocks. The girls were very confused. Kristy went under water to see what the hard things were but came right up when her eyes started to hurt. The man finally arrived. Exhausted from running, he started talk. "You girls better get off of the pool and rush to the girls' locker room to take a shower and fast. You'll probably start to smell a weird odor." "What do you mean?" one of the girls asked with a worried face.

Kristy looked at the far end of the corner and saw to men pouring some white stuff in the pool. One man was pouring the white stuff and the other man was talking to him like he was complaining. "OH! NO!" Kristy yelled. "HURRY!" she ordered her friends who looked confused from their friends reaction. They followed Kristy with panicked faces. They went in the girls locker and took long showers till they were sure they smelled good. They soon found out that the hard white stuff was a kind of powder to clean the swimming pool. After a week or so the girls remembered the day that they went to the odd pool. They all started laughing.
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