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When the time stream continuum had been broken, branching timelines
became blured. Orientation was in flux. It became impossible to distinguish
idenity from fantasy. A new time line was forming in a spinning mix of
inertial concepts.
Within my time bubble I had my assistant Nerissa. I a male and she
female maintained our past indenities through extensive study of
recorded history and continual reinforcement of our gender identity.
The state of our affairs was contradicted by the paridoxidal universe
about our tempral bubble.
We were adrift in a spinning caos. Nerissa would sing to me of the
sea and passing storms. I prefered tactile interaction:
caressing and holding each other in a antigravity sonic shower.
With limitless raw energy to draw on from bursting cosmic stellar
material; we were resigned to live out our lives in our bubble.
But then the laws of probability took hold: an event horizon appeared.
I was convinced this was a black hole and we would be destroyed.
Nerissa, an optimist, believed that there was hope for continuity
between our tiny temporal space and the macro-universe pulling
us to its focal point.
She suggested prayer and I gave her a full body massage.
Thankfully, we survived the wormhole and were deposited on
a planet with one sun and one continent and one ocean.
I suggested to Nerissa that we should copulate. She agreed.
However, we were concerned about our small gene pool.
Our firstborn Noam was very adventuresome. He spread his
wings and flew many miles over the land. Until he found a race
of bipeds. They were very similar to our physiology: only lacking
Noam immediately attempted contact with some of the females.
They were quite primitive and in awe of Noam's ability to fly.
We warned our son telepathically to be carefully with these
primitive people. Noam was received with reverence by this
new race. He discovered that when he spoke telepathically to
the primitives they would obey him.
They believed this telepathy was the voice of God. Nerissa
disapproved of this deception. She believed we would disrupt
the evolution of these primitives. I reminded her that we were
only three and they are many. I asked Noam to bring fertile females
to our mountain nest. Nerissa then asked for males.
I was not pleased with that request. Nerissa reasoning was
sound we need to assimilate both male and female DNA.
It took only five generations to establish our genetic integration.
Some of the chosen mates offspring were winged.
I took upon myself to instruct any, who would listen to our science
and history. I would always give a warning to those,
who would test the fabric of time: "Who can know the mind of God?"
I think I will call this planet Mohini, "The enchanting woman."


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