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Dear Bobby Clampert...went for a drive...and never came back
Dear Bobby Clampert, so great in the sack
Went out for a drive and never came back

Stole the car keys and called up his gal
Bought a bottle of booze, hung out with pals

Daredevil teenager, eyes bright with passion
Thought he was fearless, strode to the mansion

Tales of ghosts and houses all haunted
Did not care, he could not be daunted

Laughed at endless creaks and disturbed groaning
Shadows dancing, whispers moaning

Ignored his gal's pleas to get back to light
Not for him, no way, for this was a sight

She left with a huff and waited outside
Endless minutes tick by and hours collide

His curdling scream was met with a snort
She did not believe, oh he could be such a nut

Restless, impatient, she soon had enough
No two ways about it, she had to be rough

She stormed back inside and bellowed his name
For words soon to fail at this bloody new game

Feet glued to the floorboards, rusty with age
Unable to move as the dark figure became strange

The car would be found in a ditch by the road
No bodies, no witnesses, no story to be told

For dear Bobby Clampert, so great in the sack
Went out for a drive and never came back

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