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This is a play called "Meeting my Faith"
For you I would kill anyone,

The story was not short yet not long, it was my type of day, out here in Remington park manor. Remington is a fine area to live, and I have done so for more than 20 odd years, Remington is a quite suburban town in Ireland, and I do not live far from a bypass called the M50, this can get busy and it takes me ages to get to Remington, but I love my house, I live here with my roommate Denis who is 25 this month.

Denis is not yet working because he still goes to collage. He is doing medicine, just as I did in Trinity Collage, god I did love collage, it reminded me of being older and wiser. In that school you could get everything done. This upset me, as I never liked being called posh. I am not like anyone you know, I think if someone called me posh ever again, I would have to like knock him or her out.

By the time I was his age my rebellious years had really drawn to a close you, know why? Really you can’t ask me, you have to ask the guys, who are younger than I am. I went to my job on Sunday night, and shocked to see two cars badly destroyed, one of the cars looked liked Denis’s car, but he never took this bypass, so I went to work, but as I went I remembered Denis saying something, but my memory had left me. I went through the toll bridge. And got through in good time not as usual.

My workday started with a 40 year old man who was getting a kidney transplant. He was in extreme pain. He was not going to live, it upsets me to put a person down, but it is my job, I looked over into the traffic accident ward, were a lot of young men were lying in pain some in hospital beds, but doctors like me were concentrating on more serious patients, like this guy. The ward suddenly burst with two men tangled together.

Doctor, shouted the young nurse, as I looked at the clipboard these were the guys who’s cars I saw on my way to work this morning. As I read the names my eyes lifted from the page, to see Denis screaming in pain. I was terrified, we got them to the emergency room as quick as possible, not like usual this was the hardest and scariest thing I had ever seen. Yes for once in my life I was afraid.

Denis was entangled with the other patient it was something beyond my expertise. However when in surgery, Denis came out the best however that other guy looked to be dead. I hated hearing him yell. It was scary.

The man name was Paul Bean Costello, he was a lonely man, and said to me to sign a piece of paper, which he would not let me read, sign it he groaned. As his last wish I did. The man said thank you…

And then the accountants called me to say he left me in his will, and they told me he had ten shares in Microsoft that were worth over 5 million euro. And he gave them to me as in his will that is what I signed.

Denis asked me what would I spend the money on, ideas flooded my mind. And all of a sudden I felt bad, do not ask me why, but I did

With power comes responsibility I said, The End

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