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Contest-Suesslike poetry-All about a 5 year old's 2 year old brother
My Little Brother

I have a little brother
He is only two
You will never guess
What crazy things he'll do

He yells MINE!
Screams NO! NO!
He scares the cat
And steps on my toe

He turns on the lights
When I'm asleep
He runs in the house
Like a flock of sheep

He flushes the potty
While I'm still sitting
And doesn't even care
If he hurts when he's hitting

He whines and has fits
And falls on the floor
He screams and turns red
And then slams the door

He loves to play with swords
And trains and bubbles
He likes to climb furniture
And mess up my puzzles

He loves throwing food
From his highchair tray
He drives me crazy
Nearly every day

But when he's not mean
He can be my best buddy
When he giggles and dances
He can be pretty funny

I have a little brother
He is just two
Would I trade him for another?
I never would, could you?

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