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Just a little paragraph trying to get you to thinking about how great God's love is.
How do I explain His love?
There's really no correct way...

All I know is that His love endures forever.
It gives you a peace inside like no other.
It's so wonderful to know that when you are down and out or even rejoiceful and happy,
there's always someone to confide to or tell your story to--and He will help you through it all, every step of the way.

It's like a little baby, left in the streets all alone, no shelter, no parents, nothing--but then, a cheerful stranger walks by and sees that there is a child left behind.  This stranger is filled with so much love and compation for this child that they pick the baby up and take him to shelter...and adopt him...and this stranger never wants that baby to think that he is alone ever again, because that baby's new father is always there for him, if he scrapes his knee from playing, when he wins an award, anything, he wants his child to know that he will always be availiable; his aid kit in one hand and a joyful hug on the other.

This is how God's love is for us.  God wants us to know that He will always be here for us.  The aid kit is the healing power of His touch and the joyful hug is the reminder of His loving comfort.  God is always here for you, and He loves you so very much.  He's there.  With outstretched arms.  He's just waiting for His children to come to Him...

But, like I said, how do I explain His love?
There's really no correct way...
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