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by Kedela
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Terry leads a fast life. Having no time for love. Until she meets Zane.
There was nothing magical about the day I met Zaine Roman Johnston. No definitely not romantic either. Disastrous is more fitting. It had been raining all day, my hair dresser cancelled my monthly at the last minute because she’ supposedly sick’ yeah right, and my boss has been breathing down my neck all week about the booking the vile mouthed G-Dawg for this weekend, as if anyone in their right mind wanted to pay a twenty dollar admission to hear his no talented ass! As if all that wasn’t enough, there I was on the side of the road, in the rain with a flat tire, wearing my brand new hundred and fifty dollar pair of BCBGs shoes that are no doubt ruined from all the water. And to make matters worst, in my haste to get out of the damn office I forgot my cell phone so now I can’t even call tipple A. Now I wish I had gotten that car with On-star.

On a day like this you would think someone would stop and offer to help. I think this would qualify as ‘a damsel in distress’ situation, where I need a man to rescue me, but no one has even acknowledged my existence, much less make eye contact.

So there I was contemplating whether or not to start walking before it started getting dark, or keep waiting to see if ‘my night in shining armor’ will come and save me. HA! Hell would probably freeze over before that happened. I better start walking. Shoot. Why the hell did I take my gym bag out of the car? How the hell am I going to walk in three inch heels? It’s at least five miles either way to the nearest gas station.

Then out of nowhere HE was there. I was so immersed with my thoughts, that I did not notice when his car pulled up behind mine until I heard a voice say “excuse me miss, do you need some help?” Being that I was already frazzled and pissed at the world, anyone else would have gotten back in their car and drove off just from the menacing look on my face, not to mention the crass response I was about to deliver.
“No, I always stand on the side of the road when it rains with my hazard lights on just for the thrill of it,” I said in a sarcastic tone, then I immediately regretted it considering my current situation. But, instead of calling me out my name and driving off, he chuckled, and then added, “That’s one of my favorite hobbies also. So what have we got here?”

“I’m so sorry. That was very rude of me. I guess I’m a bit annoyed that I’ve been out here for nearly an hour and no one has even looked in my direction.”

“Well, have no fear – I am here.” It was so corny there was nothing to do but laugh, and as he smiled back at me I noticed that he had the sexiest lips I have ever seen, and for a moment I forgot about the flat tire and the rain, until a MAC truck roared by and sputtered more mud onto my shoes.

“Shit.” I mumbled under my breath.
“Sooooo……ready to tell me what I can do to help? I know nothing about cars, but I will try my best.”
“Oh, right, the car. I have a flat.”
“That’s it?” And he laughed, as if a flat wasn’t a big deal.
“Yeah” I said with a bit more attitude than I intended, “that’s it.”
“Do you have a spare.”
“Huh? A wha-, what?”
“Spare? You know? Donut? Extra tire in your trunk for these situations?”
“Oh” I felt like such an idiot. Of course I know what a spare tire is, but I was too busy checking him out to really concentrate. He was beautiful. A tall, well dressed, sexy caramel stud, with beautiful brown bedroom eyes, and lips that are just begging for me to kiss them.
“um – I’m not sure, I’ve never had one of these ‘situations’ before” I snapped at him. What is the matter with me? Here is this absolutely beautiful specimen of a man offering to help me and I was being major bitch.” I quickly offered a “sorry,’ then a smile. “I’ve never had a flat before, and I guess I’m a bit frustrated, and taking it out on you when you’re trying to help. I am really sorry”

“No biggie, I totally understand.”
Still smiling, he told me to pop the trunk. ‘No biggie? Who says stuff like that, then again looking as good as he does, I’m sure the ladies overlook it.

I got back in the car and pulled the trunk release lever, and couldn’t help but take a quick glance in the rearview mirror to evaluate how bad of a disaster I was. Damn! I really wish I hadn’t looked. My hair looked like a jerry curl gone wrong, my makeup had all blended together making me look like Bo Bo the clowns sister. I had to make sure he wasn’t watching me as I tried hopelessly tried to fluff my hair with my fingers, and wipe my face with one of my Aveno face pads that I keep in the glove compartment for emergency occasions. I would say this definitely qualifies as an emergency. I glanced in the rearview mirror again to make sure he was still out of sight, then smeared some gloss on my lips. There was nothing I could do about my soaking wet clothes, so there was no reason to even attempt to worry about that.

As I was about to give my hair one last hopeful fluff, I heard my name being called from the rear of the car.
I sat there in panic wondering how this stranger, beautiful or not, knew my name.
Instinctively I reached into my handbag for my mini can of mace. My daddy always said never leave home without it – or clean under wear. Tentatively I stepped out the car, leaving the door open. Flat or not, if he’s a Looney I am getting back into that bitch and driving away.

“Terry?” This time with a slight bit of annoyance in his tone. The flat was on the rear passenger side, and I took a few steps towards the rear of the car on the drivers side and stopped.
“How, how, do you know my name.” I stammered.
“Easy.” He said smiling, I’ve been following you.” My heart started pounded so hard I was sure it burst through my chest any second now. I held the mace firmly in my hand ready to spray if need be. My mind was racing with a million thoughts. I’ve seen the CNN highlights of women going missing then turning dead, or never found period. He was still looking at me and smiling. Shit! What to do? Run. No, wouldn’t get far in these shoes. Scream? Like that would do any good, there’s no one around to hear, and God forbid any one else stops to help us. Still smiling, he slowly started to approach me. If he grabbed me before I could mace him there was nothing I could do. He’s at least six foot five, looks about a hundred and ninety pounds, and I can see from his form through his rain soaked white dress shirt that he works out.

RUN! RUN you fool, my brain kept saying, but my legs would not move. Its as if they weren’t there at all. I couldn’t move, and even though it was raining, I could feel myself begin to perspire. He was only about a foot away from me now, and I closed my eyes and asked God to forgive my sins and please let me into heaven.
The sound of his laughter startled me, and now I knew for sure that I was done for. Yep – headline news, maybe even front page, “Missing: Black Female; Last seen wearing a red top, black skirt, and a hundred and fifty dollar pair of BCBG shoes.” My dad would be crying, my sister may also shed a tear, but you never know with the ice princess.
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