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The story of a 'young' vampire's life, from Ancient Greece to Modern USA
I am different than you. Changed you might say. Some call me cursed, others call me blessed. I have exsisted long before you were born, long before you were even an idea. I have used many names over the centuries, but I know the one that you are most familiar with; the one that you use to discribe all of my kind.

For I am a vampire. Vampyre, vamp, sucker, bloodguzzler, take your pick for I am all of them but different. I have laughed at your childish attemps to embody us in films and fictional stories. Dracula, Blade, Lestat, Selene, all fakes and frauds to what I am.

You may be able to discribe us correctly, for that is simple enough to do, we have even added our own 'life' so to speak to other's ideas of us; feuling the fire of imagination.

But no one can put into words what it truly feels like to be one except one. It is a feeling that makes itself known to you, a feeling that only you can expierence. It is different for each and every one of us, so different in gact that if it were discribable to humans each would have it's own meaning and purpose.

Though I can not show you what it is like to be one of us, I can try to tell you the best I can in words you can easily comprehend.

I shall start with that day that I stopped living and simply just started to exsist.
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