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A view into today's modern society
I sit here thinking, I recognize the fact that I don’t live in Afghanistan or Iraq and have food doled out to me or dropped from the sky. I am not a hurricane victim, who has been displaced and given a nice two-story house in the suburbs or a free trailer to compensate my loss.

Since I am an adult, no one gives me free lunches like students have in the schools.  Because I am unemployed, my credit is questionable so I have to pay high down payments and large fees to buy anything.

At the discounts stores like Wal-mart, the food prices are going up, and the selection and quantity of goods are going down so I have to settle for expensive items that are unhealthy to eat.

As long as large quantities of salt, sugar, fat and cholesterol are in food, the chances of people acquiring health problems are great. We have caused ourselves to be fat and diabetic, following the advise of commercials on television that have programmed us to eat what they advertise. We have become brainwashed by our own peers for their financial gain.

Because my health isn’t too good, I have to see a doctor periodically. Doctors don’t take pride in helping the sick anymore, making them wait a long time to be helped and then only spending fifteen minutes of their time. My doctor has never taken care of all her business with me in fifteen minutes. Invariably, I always have to call her back and remind her to check on something. I don’t talk to her, though. I either talk to an answering machine or an assistant who never takes my messages down correctly. It is more important that doctors take precautions by taking our money or the insurance company’s money to pay for their malpractice insurance. Just to make things worse is there crash courses for general practitioners? Who would think that going to the doctor means seeing several doctors who don’t compare notes or discuss their common patients?

Who wants to go to a clinic for emergency help and talk only to a Nurse Practitioner or a doctor’s assistant? I want to see a doctor if I am going to pay a lot of money, wouldn’t you? It’s the same price. Some tell me they can’t prescribe medicine and I have to go somewhere else where there IS a doctor.

The drug companies need a great deal of money for their prescriptions so they can advertise their products in every form of media available. After all, when new diseases are diagnosed often, more money goes in their pocket. Who would have thought in the fifties or the sixties, there would be so many commercialized drugs advertised on television, newspapers, magazines and radio?

Cigarettes are banned from television because they cause health problems and are addicting. Prescription drugs that have life threatening side-affects, alcohol which is addicting and causes domestic violence or fatal car accidents, and pornography aren’t.

Rich and spoiled actors, CEOs and political figures are sensationalized on television news channels to cover up the real problems that plague America: domestic violence, alternatives to helping neglected and abused children who wind up in the over populated jails, and the vanishing middle class who have now become the lower class and have resorted to drugs and alcohol to solve their emotional problems.

You have to upgrade. I always thought I would be able to play my vinyl records until I died. They still sell them in second hand stores but replacement needles for record players can’t be purchased anywhere. Who on disability can keep up with today’s technology? If you don’t buy it when you are working, you’ll never have it. The world will just pass you by like an old rusted vehicle in the graveyard of other rusty vehicles.

Then, after you stock up on the cell phones, computers, VCRs, televisions, printers and cameras, in a couple of years those things are obsolete and all that money spent is trashed. The money market may look like it is flourishing while the population is falling back on their mortgage payments and their credit card bills.

If you don’t have a credit card, there are going to be times when you will have to give up the practice of eating, dressing, personal hygiene or taking medicine for the newly developed diseases scientists have discovered. After all, even our water is dangerous to drink. We now have to buy water but who does that when a sugar cola is the same price or cheaper? Might as well join the other people who drown their systems in sugar to become diabetic, acquire acid reflux and develop problems with their bladder and kidneys. Got to keep those doctors, nurses, insurance companies and prescription drug companies in business.

Can’t hardly keep your old faithful car or truck anymore. It isn’t efficient. I am waiting to see if the government outlaws automobiles over five years old to force people to go into deeper debt buying vehicles that cost more than houses did a few years ago. I guess you could live in your car… but today, cars are made smaller to accommodate gas mileage and people are getting larger to accommodate the food industry. There is going to come a time when the average sized adult in America won’t find a car he or she can comfortably sit in.

When is the plumbing industry going to provide us with wider toilets and bigger standardized bathtubs? I guess that’s next on the list.

We are but ants in the ant bed, working for the good of the colony. We may have free enterprise but in all actuality, are we really free? We aren’t free from debt; we aren’t free from responsibility. The government has noticed that a few people live to be one hundred so the retirement age has increased. What about the ones who won’t live to be a hundred? No one in my family ever has. You work and stay in debt until you die and then, your children take over and do the same thing.

The welfare system is in place to help people, so is social security. It helps us all right. It helps us retain our dependency on others.  I live on social security and it isn’t an easy road I travel. Because of the wars, the overseas natural disasters, and the careless spending by the wealthy government we have running this country, money can’t be allocated to Americans. We are spoiled at birth, nurtured throughout our working years to be consumers and then forgotten, when we can’t buy into the money market anymore.

Isn’t it amazing how the people in “uncivilized countries” seem to have people who live longer, healthier and treat each other with respect?

Is there a candidate running for president who will make an effort to change all this?

Charity begins in the home.
America is my home, for now.
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