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This story is about a haunted auditorium.This story made by my orchestra class.
Once there was a class having a wonderful time when suddenly the door opened and closed and the wind was blowing hard against the window. Then after a few moments everything went back to normal. When the class resumed their school work, the door began to open slowly, making a screaking sound. The auditorium echoed and the noise bounced from wall to wall. One of the girls screamed and another boy started to shiver. The door opened and out came a..............CUTE BUNNY! "Awwwwwwww!" said the little girl who was afraid what the door revealed.

The class continued on their almost regular day. The class was enjoying their discussion when suddenly the so called cute bunny crept from a corner and transformed to a.............GIGANTIC MONSTER. The used to be cute monster started to eat all the students up. One by one, munching all along each seat. One girl was smart enough to run out the door while she left her classmates and teacher get eaten by the monster. "HELP! HELP!" the little girl yelled. Hoping that she wasn't too late, she went to her homeroom to check if the monster attacked there. She soon found out that all her hopes were gone.

Everything was a mess. All the chairs were lying down and all the students were gone. The teacher was also gone leaving just a little bunny in her place. The bunny turned around and saw the little girl staring at her like she saw a ghost."What are you looking at?" the bunny asked. With a shreak of laughter the bunny began to transform! The bunny turned into the monster! The girl didn't know what to do. She couldn't run for help because she might get caught by the monster. The monster walked towards her, folding his hands into a fist and drooling on the way. She finally had the courage to kick the monster. The monster shrank to a tiny stuffed animal and the was safe and sound.

The End
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