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Chapter 30

Once back home she opened the garage and put her new purchases safely in the boot of her car* still hidden inside the “complimentary” rucksack. As well as the stab proof vest and gloves she’d bought. Not to mention the heat vision sunglasses she’d got in a toy store... just in case the bitch went invisible again.

Closing the boot she smiled for the first time in ages. You are so going to die bitch, you are so going to die. It’s only a matter of time now.

Stepping away from the car she closed the garage door from the outside and walked round to her front door. Placing her thumb on the lock panel it clicked open and she walked inside for the first time in months.

“ugh, I’d forgotten what a shit hole this place was.”
And it was. The wallpaper was pealing off, the skirting boards had been stained a horrid dirty colour, through age and dust. And the less said about the carpet the better.

Closing her front door behind her she walked though to the living room. Having to step down a pointlessly placed step as she did so. Walking past sofa’s that had seen there best over 20 years ago. And then stepping up another step into the kitchen. Which had draws that looked even cheaper than they probably were. Half of which had fallen off there runners.

“why I continue to rent this place is beyond me.”

Carfully opening a draw above the cooker, which looked as though it hadn’t been cleaned in years even though it was cleaned regularly due to it’s grot catching desighn. And fumbled around for something edible. Which proved far harder than anticipated as everything was either out of date, discussing, or mouldy.

But finally she managed to find something she put it on the stove to cook, and setting an egg timer she went next door and holding out both hands said on, computer mode. Instantly the hollo-telly that was tucked away in an oddly shaped and rather pointless alcove that went down below floor level projected both a screen in the alcove and a keyboard and mouse in her hands.

Sitting down on the least knackered sofa she browsed away till she found what she was looking for… A website dedicated to the illegal. Using her log in she broused through to a section marked “information.” After a little poking around in various places she finally found what she was after and began typing on the projected keyboard.

“infoVirous56 I need to find the ware about of a certain female canine Anthro (see link). How much would it cost for this information?”

Once done she hit the send button. Martin had highly recommended this guy. If he didn’t come through with the goods then there were other ways to get this information.


Logging off she got up and whipped the food off the stove an literally threw it onto the plate.

“it’s just a matter of time… just a matter of time…”

The next few days not much happened, as she spent most of the time waiting on the next reply from infoVirous56. She knew he’d taken the job. He’d definitely taken his deposit. But the flow of information was more of a dripping tap than the flood she had hoped for.

However five days later she finally received the reply she’d been waiting for.

He had her ware abouts. Without a second thought she dipped into the last of her savings and gave him the dosh.

No sooner had the transaction taken place the in base printer on the hollo-telly began humming away as it slowly fed out the paper.

The second it was done she whipped it out and began to read avidly.

It gave her name as Anrill UK3-B82

‘Again with the weird number. What’s with these weird numbers?’

Her species as Homo cannas +

And the true gold, her address. Which it then said was registered to a Mr John Pawpad
“so she’s living with John is she? Well all the better, I can kill two birds with one stone.”

She then read on…
“The subject usually leaves house at 10:00 out back door, before becoming invisible to the naked eye. (yes I know it sounds mad but I got video proof) tracking with infra red showed that she goes for a country walk in her giant state.

House then remains empty until around 15:20-16:40 when they return. Always female subject first and always through the back door (visible) followed by arrival via car through front door or garage at 17:00 - 17:10.

Evidence of adult activities seen during third and fifth night.”

There were 2 mug shots at the bottom of the page. The first one was definitely her. The one that had tried to kill her. And the other was of the male. An unmistakable male… John.

She scanned the document a couple of times just to be sure.

“Ha! It’s so easy.” ‘All I have to do is sneak into the house while no one’s at home, then wait for the giant bitch to waltz right through the back door and then, pow, zap, [i]kill her[/i].’ She smiled evilly and closed her eye’s imagining the possibilities. “she wont know what hit her”

“Then, with this Anrill girl out the picture it would be easy street to make John pop his clogs.” She smiled and laughed. “It’s so simple even a child of ten could pull it off.”

She laughed and laughed, almost crying with happiness.
Arresting her laugheter for a moment she looked at her watch. It was four o’clock. She’d be getting back soon. Her smile broadened, a look of pure evil delight spreading further across her face.

“Tomorrow… tomorrow you will both die.”

*trunk (for all you Americans out there)

Chapter 31

In the dimly lit hours of early the morning she was already in her car driving to the outskirts of town. To where, according to the map she had printed off from the internet, she would find this Anrill person’s home.

Passing through the belt of thee foot tall concrete and metal spikes* that surrounded the town and into the rural district she took the first left down a road boardered on both sides by hedges, then after a few twists and turns she came to a little village. Then one left and another right into Reffing’s Close. Pulling over she looked around her at the green slender and at the old brick house’s. Surely this couldn’t be right.

She pulled out her map and traced her path, then looked at the road name on the street corner, and then on the map. It was definitely the place.

Opening the door of the car she stepped out onto the pavement, map in hand. Surely John couldn’t be living in one of these could he? She checked the address again. This was definitely the place, but which house? According to the map it was number 5. she looked behind her at the last house, number 6, an old fashioned looking place made from natural rocks and a slate roof, with huge bay windows. All tucked neatly away behind a front garden full of big bushy green foliage.

On the other side was a similar shaped house with a thatch roof but for some reason, known best only to it’s owner, it had been painted pink, and the lush foliage covering all the rest of the buildings had been stripped down.

She couldn’t help but feel sorry for everyone else here. Number one, as was clearly painted on it horrid greenish blue door. Was probably single headedly responsible for lowing the price of there properties. She shuddered at the mere thought of having to live next door to such a place.

checking her watch against her print out from infoVirous56 she knew that John wouldn’t be leaving his house for another couple of hours or so. She was extremely tempted to just grab her gear and burst in on them right now, but she already knew how that tactic would pan out from last time.

Resisting the urge to stick her head round the corner she climbed back in the car and shut the door behind her.

Putting the map down on the seat beside her she put her keys in the ignition and reversing out of the close Drove off.

It was so frustrating to be so close and yet so far. She’d only come out so soon because she’d been afraid of arriving too late, only now she had several hours to kill, before she could be sure of an empty house.

She spent a couple of hours searching for somewhere to get some breakfast, but the rest of the time went by agonizingly slowly till at last at mid day she decided it would be safe to go to the house.

Parking her car in another close, so as not to arouse suspicion when either John or this Anrill person, as (she kept referring to her as) came home.

If John saw her car it would be a dead giveaway and completely ruin the surprise. The two words ‘John’ and ‘Surprise’ being in the same sentence reminded her of the time she bound John up and leashed him like a dog.

This thought made her smile with evil delight as she climbed out of the car.
Opening the boot she let out a snigger as she recalled forcing him to pee in the street.

She reached in and removed the backpack from the boot and threw it over her shoulder.
Reaching in for the lock picking device her smile disappeared.
‘then the little git had to go and spoil it all by running to the cops.’ She shouted within her own mind, slamming the boot shut.

Pocketing the lock picker she bleeped her car shut and started towards the house.
‘and to top it off he goes running to this giant bitch. They’ve made a fool out of me, the miserable sub human specimens, they’ll pay.’

Closing her eye’s she stopped and took a few deep breaths. She would have to look inconspicuous. If she looked angry people would be sure to notice her… ‘besides’ she thought as she opened her eye’s ‘there’s plenty of time to vent my anger once I’m inside… They wont be back for hours.’
Jurking her backpack into a more comfortable position she walked towards Reffing’s Close.

Once there she checked her watch again twelve twenty two, she wouldn’t be back for hours. And according to the information she’d bought they’d be out.

Rounding the corner of number 5 for the first time she was mildly surprised. This house was quite unlike any of the others in this street which were all made of natural rock. This one was made of wood.

If it hadn’t been for the hideous pink and blue job of number one Reffing’s Close it would have looked quite out of place.

Walking up to the front door, she noticed that it seemed rather plain. Looking across the street at the two other buildings she could see from here she could see that even the ugly purple job had a fancy shaped door.

She looked at the number. Well this was definitely number 5.

Glancing around she noticed a small side passage nicely out of sight from any onlookers and went for a look. Blocking her way down the dark side passage was a full height metal gate with a padlock on it.

Checking on one was looking she removed the lock picker and pressed a button marked “key.”
Out the end of the device popped a multi pronged device.

Taking lock in hand she pushed the multi prongs down the key hole, some of which went in, others didn’t. She waited a few moments till a green LED went on and she simply turned it like it was an actual key and the lock clicked open.

Pressing the key button again the lock picking prongs popped back into the device.
With the lock off it was a simple matter of opening the gate and walking through.

Closing the gate behind her she walked down the dark passage and she stood open mouthed as she looked out over the garden. If indeed you could call it a garden. It was more like a small field. All grass and bordered with large mature trees.

“How in the hell did John afford this? I-it must have cost a fortune… E-even with the pink wonder back there.”
Surely his budget wouldn’t stretch to this.

She stood there awe struck for a few moments before turning to the back door. It supported the standard outside finger and voice recognition lock. Taking the lockpicking device she pressed the button marked fvr1 and a lead with two blobs on the end emerged from the bottom.

Taking the lead she placed them on the panel and hit the fvr2 button and the blobs began to melt into the lock. Which quickly began to splutter, fissle and quote random nonsense. Before long the lock clicked open and the blobs re formed, emerging from the lock leaving it unmarked. Clicking the fvr1 button again the leads zipped back into the lock picker.
“Ahh the wonders of nano technology.” She said as she pocketed it.

Swinging the bag off her back she removed the gun, before swinging the bag straight back on her back. Gun in hand she reached out and grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open.

More to come…

*these spikes are the secondary barrier defence for the city against rogue macro’s. They are very very nasty if a macro steps on one. (especially if it’s old and rusty)

Chapter 32

Striding through the door into the kitchen she glanced around the slightly battered looking room with fake wooden panneling. Closing the door behind her she made her though the room to the next door, which no doubt lead to the rest of the house. Putting her ear against the door she listened carefully for any signs of life.

Not hearing a sound she carefully opened the door just a crack and peaked through. Even though she wasn’t expecting anyone it was better to be safe than sorry.

When she didn’t see anyone she pushed the door open, her gun at the ready as she steeped out into the undecorated corridor. She glanced around there were 3 doors including the one she’d just come though, one either side and a flight of stairs. Closing the door silently behind her she took the open door to her left into what appeared to be a living room.

It had amongst a few unopened boxes a single sofa, an old fashioned solid tv and a few odds and sods. As she walked into the middle of the room the slight but distinct smell she sensed left no doubt that canine anthro’s lived here.

Turning round she checked out the dining room on the other side of the house, before heading upstairs onto the landing. By this time she considered the possiblity that they were home distinctly remote. If they had been home they’d have heard and confronted her by now. Canine furs are notoriously territorial.

Walking along the corridor she opened the doors one by one and peaked in. The first door lead her to what looked like a spare bedroom, but it was hard to tell because it was berried under unopened box’s and half built and unbuilt flat pack furniture.

The second door was an airing cupboard full to the brim with clothes and of all things a bunny costume. The next door she tried (this time on the other side) proved to be the bathroom. Which she decided to use on the spot as her bladder gave a sudden undeniable squeeze.

Emerging from the bathroom she pulled up her trousers* and gun in hand opened the last door, the one and only usable bedroom. The smell hit her like a hammer, or it would if she hadn’t had a human sense of smell. even so it definitely wasn’t a smell she liked.**

She almost slammed the door shut there and then, but she decided it more important to check it out. Taking a deep breath she walked over the threshold and looked around. The room had green wallpaper and in the corner a large double bed with what looked like rather old bedding. In wall on the other side of the room was a built in wardrobes, which she checked and found were either empty or had random stuff in. one however had a large metal trunk with a lock and the words “Macro Army.” Whatever that meant.

Her interest aroused she tried to open it with her lock picker, but it failed miserably to do the job. Giving it a quick kick she checked the rest of the room and found nothing.

On her way out of the room she spied a probable reason for the smell. A whole corner had been covered in piles of dirty clothes and just left in the open air, dispite the fact that there was a clothes bit right next to the pile. Even though it had been turned on it’s side.

Cringing in disgust she walked out the room glad of some fresh air and headed downstairs. Checking her watch she knew she had plenty of time to waste.

Going back into the kitchen she began to wonder where the best place for an ambush would be. Ideally she wanted to be by the back door out of the way and out of sight. And more importantly with a clear shot.

Unfortunately the kitchen didn’t lend itself to any of these criteria. The large windows and the square design meant that the only hiding place would be in a cupboard on the floor. Which would be crampt, uncomfortable and as she discovered when she opened one, the doors would be in between her and the door. Hardly the best place in the world to stake an ambush from. Not to mention all the pots and pans she’d have to move and hide out of sight.

She spent a while on this problem before coming to a decision. She was coming in through the back. And the only way out of the kitchen to anywhere else in the house was through the other door. If she couldn’t have the kitchen as her ambush point, then this was the next best thing.

Going to the dining room she took one of the more comfortable looking chairs and sat it in a corner of the hall facing the door. She spent ages moving it around pondering what would be the best position before eventually decided to place it under the stairs in the cupboard after moving just a few of the coats into the dining room.

This meant she now had a clear shot of the kitchen door that this Anrill chick would be coming through. Not only that but she’d be hidden in the shadows and obscured by coats, she’d even have time to aim. So with a couple of hours left till Anrill’s earliest arrival time she nicked some food from the fridge and sat down and with the gun at the ready and began her wait.

From the moment she sat down in her hiding place time suddenly seemed to stop moving. It dragged on and on and on without anything happening. She constantly checked her watch, which only seemed to make time go even slower. When at long last 15:20 finally came she became alert once more. But after half an hour she was getting board again.

All this waiting meant she had allot of time to study the view, and the photo of John and this girl kissing sitting insultingly on the wall directly opposite her.

‘that’s it’ she thought to herself angrily after 16:40 came and went. ‘she’s late, and I’m not starring at that cursed picture any more.’ Raising her HYED gun she aimed down the sight at the picture. There happy smiles seeming all the more insulting for some reason as she stared at them down her sight.
‘bye bye you horrible eye saw.’
She began to squeeze the trigger when she heard the sound of a lock unlocking with a click.
‘The picture will have to wait.’ She thought as she quickly changed her aim to the door. The real deal’s just arrived…

More to come…

*Trousers = pants
**just because John and Anrill like each others scent doesn’t mean humans would.

Chapter 33

Her heat started beating as she listened intently to the sounds coming from the kitchen. The sound of a door being closed, of draw being opened and closed. Then her heart racing she watched almost in slow motion as the handle of the door leading from the kitchen began to turn.

‘you’re mine now bitch’ she though as she raised the HYED gun to her eye.

The door opened. ‘damnit’ the door was opening between her and the girl.
‘come on, come on, just close the door just close the door.’

she watched intently as Anrill stepped out from the door and closed it behind her. She allowed herself an evil smile as she aimed the gun right at Anrill’s chest and locked target and whispered
“say you’re prayers bitch.”
Anrill looked directly at her, her face an image of confusion.
Anrill was hit smack in the chest by the blast, throwing her back against the nearby wall in a fit of blue and green sparks. Falling to the ground with an awkward spin she began to jiggle uncontrollably as the energy arching over her body randomly triggered nerve endings. Deep within her.

Standing up she pushed the coats aside, her job done and strode into the room with a look of pure evil as she approached her victim.
“Why aren’t you dead?” and she gave her a good hard kick.

Anrill continued to judder and jolt, her eye’s wide with fear as she struggled for breath, but only managing short sporadic jolts of breath.

“ahh, is the poor little doggie trying to breath?” she smiled wickedly. “Here let me help you.” And she raised her foot onto Anrill’s chest and slowly pushed her ribcage down.
“You should have killed me when you had the chance. No” she pushed down with a jolt “flea bitten” she pushed again “Anthro” she pushed down again “gets the better of me” and she pushed down with all her might, squeezing the air from Anrill’s lungs.

She watched as Anrill struggled helplessly to gain some air in her now burning lungs.
She watched as the spark of life began to slowly fade, as her eye’s began to wander and loose focus, as her limbs slowly stopped convulsing.

Suddenly there was the sound of a car pulling into the drive made her look from Anrill to the door, before looking back at Anrill she could see her last vain efforts to retain her life dwindle away.
The car door opened and slammed.
She looked at the door as muffled words from outside echoed though it.

Looking back at Anrill she gave one last push on Anrill’s chest.
She removed her foot and gave her a last kick before ranning for the cover of the coat cupboard, diving in just as the door flew open.

“Anrill you won’t believe the da… Oh my god.”
Flinging round she watched John run to Anrill’s side
“Oh my god Anrill, a are you alright?... honey?... speak to me”
She smiled an evil smile and clicked the HYED gun off of "kill”(20%) and into the slightly lower setting of “mindlessly painful”(10%)… this was going to be fun.

John heard the click and looked towards the cupboard, much as Anrill had.
John was knocked to the floor, bent over double in agony.
Breathing heavily he looked up at the cupboard again, with a look of anger
John fell to the floor. Laughing slightly she stood up and left it’s safe confines… it was time to gloat.

“what do you think of my new toy John? It’s so much better than that choke chain I used to have don’t you think.”
“no.” John virtually growled
“wrong answer.”
She raised the gun and fired once more.
John fell straight back onto the floor. This time he was looking at Anrill’s still form.
He reached out an arm and felt her neck.
“You killed her.” He looked staring at his ex, his teeth bared in an expression of sheer unmitigated hate “You fucking killed her.”
He stood up and shouted at the top of his voice with spit flying from his mouth in sheer rage “You fucking killed her.”

“bad dog, bad” she said in a sarcastic tone and she fired the gun.
Only this time he roared in anger with his head held back.
Still on his feet he stared directly at his ex, emitting a low rumbling growl with each heavy breath, before closing his eye’s and roaring to the heavens.

Slightly worried by this she upped the power back to "kill”(20%) and aimed down the sight... and stopped. Looking over the gun she couldn’t believe what she was seeing… a dangerously angry John, getting bigger, very fast.

His already tawn clothes ripped as he expanded right in front of her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was impossible, it just couldn’t be. But there he was, right in front of her, getting bigger and bigger.

John taw at his clothing, now only half the size he was and ripped them from him as his head bumped into the ceiling.

Breaking out of her trance she raised the gun and fired.
John Roared so loud it made her ears hurt, but he was still standing and if anything growing faster.

As his size forced John onto his knees she turned and flead as an angry hand reached out to grab her. Dodging to one side she managed to escape it’s grip, bumping painfully off Johns arm sized thumb.

Now bent over double John made another grab for her, but she was already in the next room. His hand slammed though the door and missed her completely.

Panting heavily she looked around for an exit. The way she’d come was now blocked by the bizarrely large John. The window… she could escape though the window.

Running to the window she was just about to reach for the latch when there was an ominously loud sound of breaking timber and falling rubble, all mixed in with anaturally loud roar. That shouck the house to it’s very foundations.

Turning round she watched the wall shed just come though rise into the sky, revealing a very large foot paw. A footpaw with toes almost as big as her. Following it up the leg it was attatched to she saw a whole large hole in the side of the house. By the time she looked at it’s knee she’d run out of house.

Looking straight up she saw John toss away half the house that he’d just wripped off, just so he could get to her. Her first instinct was to run, but she’d already tried that once before and she knew it didn’t work. Instead she flipped the HYED gun to full power and aimed for john’s incredibly large testicles.
She watched open mouthed as John’s sky scraper body fell in slow motion to the ground as he clutched at his aching manhood.

She cringed as his giant knees came crashing down with an earth shattering boom either side of her.

Her ears ringing she looked around in the darkness beneath John’s belly.
“Ha! I got im.” she said out loud, even though she didn’t hear anything as her ears were still ringing. But John did.
“YOU HAVNT GOT SQUAT BITCH.” She heard that even though the ringing.

She watched as John raised his right knee off the ground. Looking up she saw john raise her fist and send in plummeting towards her.

Turning round she ran as hard as she could. The ground around her suddenly got very dark.
The unbelievable searing pain, the indescribable agony. She tried to move her neck to see what had happened but she couldn’t. All she knew was she was in indescribable agony.

As the shadow receded the sensation only became worse.
She tried to scream but nothing happened. She could feel the world go numb as darkness slowly began to crowd her vision, but not before she saw the underside of an unnaturally large finger loom over her, as someone familiar sounding uttered the words in a loud booming voice.
“Good reddens”
All of a sudden there was an intense agonizing pressure and a horrible crunching sou…

More to come…

Chapter 34

With the last remains of his ex, now safely squashed beneath his thumb John’s rage quickly faded away. Turning his head towards his wife, who lay still and unconscious, deep within the wreckage that had once been there house.

The sight sent shivers of fear down his spine. Forgetting about all else he turned his gigantic body around to face her. His tail knocking loose debris from the top of the house as he did so, sending it crashing to the ground.

Leaning carefully with his knees either side of her he bent over her still body and reached out to touch her. But he recoiled slightly at the last moment, afraid that his giant hands might hurt her.

His jaw wobbled slightly as tears welled up in his eyes as he racked his brain feverishly for something he could do to help her… the phone, he had to call the ambulance. Glancing around the floor feverishly he spied it, still plugged in and undamaged, despite the utter destruction around it.

Closing his eye’s he tried desperately to picture himself shrinking as Anrill had taught him too, all the while willing himself to move faster.

But the more he tried the more his imagination was filled with images of Anrill dying. His eyes filling with tears as he struggled against his own mind, desperate to call an ambulance, his eyes screwed up in concentration.

He finally managed to concentrate on an image of himself in knee high woods. Concentrating hard he imagined the woods begin to grow as he became smaller. He felt his skin grow tight as the first stages of shrinking began to kick in.


Johns eyes flicked open before he knew what he was doing. Instantly cursing himself for it as he looked at the car.

Wiping his eyes he looked scornfully at the car as it’s occupant climbed out to stare at him in sheer amazement.

He looked back at Anrill. He had to concen… waite… the man could call for help.
He looked round at the man and without thinking shouted at the top of his voice.
“HELP ME” The man instantly jammed his hands over his ears in pane as John continued to plead for help “YOU’VE GOTTA PHONE AN AMBULANCE.”

The man began to back away, in response John stood up “NO WATE PLEASE, SHE NEEDS HELP.”
The sight of John standing up was, obviously too much for the poor guy, who turned and fled on foot, screaming at the top of his lungs.

Turning back to Anrill, John cringed in worried annoyance. Closing his eye’s he began his desperate struggle again, imagining with all his might the image of him in a knee high forest. Trying desperately to ignore the sound of choppers that was getting louder and louder.

He began to imagine him becoming smaller, the forest rising up to meet him. The sound of megaphones screaming at him all but ignored, save for one word, “Rampage”.

John flung his eyes open and screaming out his frustration swung an arm blindly at the nearest moving object.

He took one angry glance at the army helicopter buzzing right in front of him. That was when he felt something hit him in the bum. Grabbing at it with his hand he pulled away what looked like a tinny needle. But he knew it to be a macro tranquilizer missile.
“You…” he could feel the drug taking effect already “idiots… she... needs…” he fell to his knees. His strength fading fast and unable to stand, let alone hold himself up. “a doctor” But by now his words were week and feeble.

Unable to even hold his head up he slumped forwards as if he were praying, only with his head facing down his belly, where right beneath him he saw Anrill lying on the floor right below him.

If he fell now then she would be crushed. With his last fleeting ounce of strength he let himself roll onto his side, crashing though what was left of the house.

Now barely able to keep his eyes open “get her, a docte…” then his body went limp.

The next day….
The preacher stood behind the coffin and opened his book of prayers. He looked at the crowd gathered by the grave side and began to read.
“Dearly beloved we are gathered here to day to morn the passing of someone who I’m sure is special to us all…”

But John wasn’t really listening, his mind was else were. He still found it hard to believe what had happened. How his world had been turned upside down by such a vindictive woman. But more importantly he was thinking about Anrill.

He felt so guilty deep inside for what had happened to her. Even though he knew it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t help but blame himself… the thought ‘if she’d never met me none of this would have happened’ churned over and over in his mind.

The image of her lying there unconscious on the floor had haunted his dreams ever since, or the evil smile of his ex as she waved a gun at Anrill’s head.

He looked at the ground and sighed, wondering if things would ever be the same again. But deep down he knew they wouldn’t be. After that his thoughts were either scrambled or blank though sorrow and worry. Till a shadow of a person slowly came up by the side of him and a familiar hand gently took hold of his.
“I didn’t think I’d find you here”

John up at the person holding his hand and smiled weekly.
“Oh hi Anrill, what did the doctor say?”
“He said I’ll be fine in another few days. But he’s still blathering on about how he can’t believe neither I nor the baby aren’t dead”
“Well I’m still glad you are.”
“you don’t look glad.”
“I know, I just feel so guilty.”

Anrill smiled and gently guided John muzzle to look at her.
“Look at me John… I’m ok and you’re ok. What else matters?”
John smiled at her.
**cough cough**

Both Anrill And John looked at the elderly looking human woman standing next to them quizzically.

The old lady gave them a look that could kill from ten paces and whispered.
“Show a little respect for the dead.”

John looked at the casket that contained what little remained of his ex with the preacher still rattling on behind it and then back at the woman .
The woman couldn’t have been more shocked if she tried. John found it mildly amusing to watch her blab on without uttering a single word.

“So what are you doing here” Anrill asked. “After all she’s done to you, to us.”
John looked at Anrill.
“I guess I just wanted to make sure she was gone.”
“You know for an anthro hating human she sure has allot of Anthro relatives.”
“Yeah. Her father was a feline Anthro.”
“Then why did she hate anthro’s so much?”
“I think her father raped her as a child or something.”

There was a moments silence between them as they watched the casket being lowered into the ground, the preacher throwing ash onto the coffin before a couple of people started to fill in the hole.

“Can we go now?”

As they left a few others left, but most stayed behind. Most of the journey back to the car was spent in silence, though they did talk a bit about this and that now and then.

When they got to the car, John unlocked it and they climbed in.
“Oh I never asked, how did you’re test go John?”
“Well I have a little bit of singing, but I’m still a fully fledged guy.”
“Well that’s a relief.” She pulled the seat belt round and clicked it in.
“don’t suppose you know why that gun didn’t kill you do you?”
“well as a matter of fact I think I do.” And she pulled her shirt forwards at the neck and pulled her pendant out from between her breasts and flicked it open.

John winced at the bright light.
“is it me or has it gotten brighter?”
Anrill nodded.
“I think I’ve figured out what charges it up.”
“Uh hu… if I’m right it feeds off of neural energy. So when the HYED gun fired it’s blast of nural energy at me this thing absorbed a great chunk of it.”

“wow. Now I’m [i]really[/i] glad I bought that back for you.”
Anrill reached out her arms and pulled John into a hug.
“me too.”
Anrill let John go and he started the ignition and began driving out the car park*.

Anrill looked at the now closed bracelet
“of course you realize that now we know how to charge this thing back up to it’s full potential we don’t have to settle for 20 stories tall anymore.”
John steered the car round a bend before replying
“what do you mean.”
“well my grandmother said that when this was new it made her so powerful that she grew so large that she put the actual planet inside her vagina before undoing time to make it like it never happened.”

“and we could do something like that?”
“if what she told me is true, now that we can charge it with that HYED gun we can do anything we can imagine.”
John smiled. “That certainly sounds like fun.” John turned another corner
“Do you have any plans?”
“Just one at the moment.”
“What’s that?”
“What would you say if I said that when we get back to the apartment I’m going to use it to turn myself into a giant breasted, lactating, winged angel, before breast feeding you and taking you for a ride to heaven and back”
“I’d say… I Love you.”

The End
For real this time.

However there may or may not be more stories in this series with or without John and Anrill. Either way they will appear in my portfolio.

* car park = car lot (for all u Americans out there)
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