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12 diffrent idols
+=with ownership -=when ownership is lost.
1Zeus: +Wielder gains power over thunder and lightning. -when removed owner is struck by lightning

2Loki: +able to transform into anything -when you lose ownership people transform into your greatest fear.

3Heimdal: +sight, hearing, and smell are extreame!! -when ownership is lost you lose all senses

4Hermes: +flight and the ablity to speak any language is granted. -loss of voice and use of limbs.

5Odin: +ablity to forsee the future and command holders of other idols -left eye is painfully ripped from your skull and armagedon begins.

6Bacchus: + Causes others to feel drunken joy in your presence -Causes Drunken anger

7Janus: +can alter people's point of view -former owner cannot enter the spritual gates

8Ra: +when sun arises immortality and inhuman strengthare gifted till sunset.

9Jesus: +everyone believes what you say -you are shunned and hated

10Buddha: +nullifies all otheridols -no peace among idol holders the buddha has met

11Hades: +can dystroy all idols but dystroys owner

12Brhama: +can create an idol is unneffected by all other idols but buddha


unless the owner knows the name of his/her Idol its ablity cannot be used thus ownership is not claimed until ablity is used,if one dies his/her ownership is void and he/she suffers no "idol Wrath"
there aer more than 12.
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