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Written for the Seussify Me contest
Stubborn Eleanor

Eleanor sat with her arms tightly crossed
And loudly told teacher “You’re not the boss!”
She kicked and she screamed, and she caused quite a stir,
And all of the students were staring at her

She was awful proud of the work she had done,
To tell off the teacher , and everyone,
She sat like a princess atop of a hill
Like a small stubborn monkey, enforcing her will

The teacher looked down at the tantruming brat,
And Eleanor screamed “What are you looking at?”
“I’m looking,” said teacher, in a calm steady voice,
“At a dear little girl who just made the wrong choice.”

As teacher turned away, Eleanor was perplexed,
The voice in her head wondered what to do next.
She didn’t quite get the reaction she savored,
The teacher, was calm, her voice never wavered.

She watched as the craft box was brought to the table,
Ribbons and buttons, and glue yarn and cable,
Stickers and puff balls and popsicle sticks;
Pipe cleaners, stamp pads and nackity-knicks

Her eyes took a sparkle, her heart took a leap,
Oh, the things she could do with the large crafty heap!
She began to imagine all the things she’d create,
Pictures and postcards, she’d make at least eight!

So Eleanor started to rise from her chair,
But Lo and behold, she seemed frozen there.
The more that she struggled, the more she stayed put,
The chair had a hold of her left and right foot.

She yelled out for help, but her voice wouldn’t speak,
And soon after that, her eyes sprung a leak,
She cried and she screamed, but no one took note,
She cried so much that her chair was afloat..

And slowly it floated to teachers craft table
Her feet were released and soon she was able
To pick up the glue, wipe her tears away.
Teacher said “Eleanor, do you have something to say?”

She thought to reply with a sarcastic quip
But then thought again as the chair took it’s grip,
She looked at the teacher, with a smile on her mug,
“I’m sorry,” she whispered, and gave teacher a hug.


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