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A song I wrote. Read it slowly and you will get a lot out of it.
I'm sitting here thinking all about my life and all it's worth inside.

I'm so sorry if you think I'm perfect and all but all I can say is what I think

And I'm sorry if you think everything is all right because it's not

It's all falling down and it feels like sometimes

the night sky will fall down on top of me 

crush me til' I stop breathing

Why does this life have to be so com-pli-cated

When it seems like everything is going my way it's actually not

It's crazy how everything in life goes when you loose faith in God

It's the only reason I can say I'm happy because I have faith and when you have faith

You have hope and that's all I need to survive in this life...Hope..

Let hope hold you in it's arms

Let hope cover you and make you whole...

I wonder what life is like without God for some people

How do they live...

How do they breath...

Do they think they'll live foever...

Where will they go when they die...

Let me tell you something,

You'll either burn in Hell or live forever in The Glorious Heaven!
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