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      Brooke ran out of Blockbuster and jumped into her Uncle Andre's pick up truck. Danika was squirming impatiently in the back seat.
" So what movie did you get?" Danika asked.
" The best new horror movie there is..." Brooke replied. " Tick Tock!"

      Late that same night Brooke and Danika sat on the couch watching the closing credits of Tick Tock roll across the screen.
" Wow, that was the best horror movie I've ever seen in my life!" Brooke exclaimed.
" I wish something that exciting would happen in real life though," Danika said thoughtfully.
" Well it won't so don't even bother dreaming about it," Brooke replied before turning off the television.
Danika didn't know it yet but her wish was about to come true.

        The following morning Brooke and Danika decided to go shopping at the 1000 Islands Mall.
" I really want a new pair of skinny jeans," Danika whined.
" And i really need that new Simple Plan concert tee," Brooke added.
" I guess I could give you girls a ride to the mall," Uncle Andre agreed. " But be back by two because I promised we would go to Brett's hockey game this afternoon."

        As the girls were passing the toy shop Danika saw something unusual in the display case.
" Hey look at that Brooke! It's a toy version of that evil clown from the movie last night!" Danika exclaimed.
" Let's get it," Brooke persuaded.
" Umm I don't know Brooke it kind of gives me the chills," Danika shivered even as she spoke.
" Come on it's on sale for ten bucks!" Brooke insisted.
" Alright, but you have to promise to keep it at your house and never let me see it again," Danika gave in to Brooke's demand.

        Late that night Brooke woke up in a cold sweat. She could've sworn that she saw the stuffed Tick Tock move. Then suddenly there was a loud sound that came from downstairs. It sounded like a window had been broken. Brooke threw on a sweater and grabbed a flashlight before running into the upstairs hallway. Brooke jogged down the staircase. All of a sudden she tripped on a toy car her little brother Brett has left out earlier and the world went black.

    "Brooke!" Danika woke up from having a horrible nightmare. She had a feeling that Brooke was in trouble. Danika screamed as she saw a dark figure standing in her bedroom doorway.
" Danika, calm down. It's just me!" Uncle Andre said in a worried voice. " Is everything all right?"
" Yeah, I just had a bad dream, that's all," Danika replied sheepishly knowing that she must have screamed pretty loud to have awakened her father. He was a really deep sleeper.
" Uncle, can you go start the car? I'll be down in a second, I just have to get dressed," Danika told her uncle.
" Are you crazy? It's the middle of the night!" Uncle Andre procrastinated.
" We have to go help Brooke. I had this weird premonition," Danika assured him.
" Well. if you really think she's in trouble," Uncle Andre replied. " But if this turns out to be just a hunch you're in big trouble missy."

      Uncle Andre pulled up in front of Brooke's house. All the rooms were pitch black.
" I told you nothing was the matter," Uncle Andre said.
Danika ignored him and began jogging her way up to the front door. The door opened before she even got there.
" Danika!" Brister exclaimed. " What are you doing here?"
Brister was Brooke's older brother, Danika's other cousin.
" I thought Brooke was in trouble and needed my help," Danika replied. " Is she all right?"
" No! She's gone!" Brister said. " I was staying up late playing on my XBOX when I heard a huge crash downstairs. I got there just in time to see a man with a clown mask on carrying Brooke out the front door and into a jeep that was waiting at the end of the driveway. I ran outside but by the time I got there the jeep, with Brooke inside, was gone," Brister concluded his account of what happened.
" I don't believe this," Danika said, astonished. " My wish for some real life adventure really came true!"
" Danika!" Uncle Andre called from the car. " What are we waiting for? Let's go find Brooke!"

      " If I were an evil clown where would I go?" Brister pondered.
" I know!" Danika exclaimed. " That old warehouse behind the bank!"
" Wow, I never would have thought of that!" Uncle Andre said, impressed with his neices' thinking.
The trio pulled into the patking lot of the Bank of Montreal.
" Hey! That's the jeep I saw the clown guy driving!" Brister pointed to the only other vehicle in the patking lot. " Good guess Danika."

            Meanwhile Brooke was tied to a chair in the middle of an otherwise empty room. Tick Tock was standing so close to her that she could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck.
" Let me go you...you...monster!" Brooke screamed as she squirmed around in her chair.
" No can do my little muffin," Tick Tock joked. " I have already told you too many of my plans to take over the world. If I let you go then you might tell the police and I don't need yet another obstacle in my adventure do I?"
" Put your hands up and don't say another word!" Uncle Andre shouted as he stepped into the room. " The police are on their way!"
" Ha!" Tick Tock scoffed. " You won't get me that easily."
And with that Tick Tock turned towards the wall opposite the door, pushed a button and was gone. For a moment everyone was still. Then the police came in looking for Tick Tock. But it was too late, he was already gone.

As soon as Brooke got home that day she threw away the stuffed Tick Tock. And from that day on Brooke and Danika were always careful of what they wished for. The police are still looking for Tick Tock but there are no clues, no traces left behind. To be continued....

NOTE: Everyone in this story is a real person. Uncle Andre is actually Danika's dad not uncle. There is no such mivie called Tick Tock but me and my cousin Brooke both have stuffed clowns that really freak us out. This is what the story is really based on:
One night i was having a sleepover with Brooke and my best friend Malyna. The stuffed clown was on the top bunk on the bunk beds and we were on the bottom. No one else was in the room. The clown has a thing on its back where you can wind it up and it will play a song. Well we were just talking when all of a sudden the clown started playing its song and then its head fell off!!! we were so scared we told my dad the whole story and gave the clown to him. Bad mistake: ever since my dad has been fraeking us out with the clown!!! 
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