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Some memorials are almost unseen but they have a history all the same. Week 3 Ottava Rima
Tale untold

Imagining a little boy’s memorial to his beloved dog, spied many years later and the story guessed by a passer-by, who feels enriched for being allowed a glimpse into this world of love.
Form: Ottava Rima. Rhyme abababcc, dededeff.

Road-weary, refreshing, idling wayside
Defiant weeds half hiding rough hewn board
Curious glance hovering, words espied
Childish carved tale, tender heart’s pain outpoured
“Here lies Sirius, friend, tested and tried.”
Harmony recorded, memory stored
Single vine creeps over splintering wood
Floral fragrance wafts of long-lost boyhood.

Hearing clear voice lilting merry invite
Faithful following trots his canine friend
Barks echoing spirit, tail wagging bright
Spirits merge smoothly, two into one blend
History so clear for those with insight
Speaking across years if I’ll my heart lend
Briefly I trod in misty distant vale
Contented for pondering unknown tale

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