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A study of DNA
                                          A Toads life

        People can believe in anything and if you believe enough you might
        make it happen. Toads kept popping up in the press. There was an
        article about DNA similarities to humans. Another study the aging
        process in toads to fight human cellular degeneration. Toads were
        cloned. Toads were crossed fertilized with reptiles. Their genetic
        code seemed limitless.
        Galia was beautiful. A lithe, slender fashion model. She could speak
        every known language, a honor student, who enjoyed wealth and
        popularity. She had met the President and many celebrities.
        Yet, there was an embracing peculiarity about Galia. She was a
        toad. A very attractive toad, with long slender legs and arms.
        Still, the green skin a shinny black protruding eyes were distinctive.
        A conversation, would be interrupted with a toad churb-ribit.
        The length of her tongue was astounding and sticky.
        Galia had many confidants, but few companions. She was a toad.
        She had no need for human copulation. Her reproductive organ
        was on her butt.
        The first upright bipedal toad; she stood five feet, two inches tall.
        The product of genetic splicing between human DNA and toad.
        Galia designed her lily pond estate. Her intelligence and contributions
        to society, established her inalienable right to citizenship.
        When a second hybrid toad was hatched. Gailia rushed the tadpole
        to her lily pond. There was much debate in the media and legislature
        on the impact such a new race might bring.
        But, the new hybrid grew into another female. Galia hopes
        seemed lost... Till, the two inexplicably began to copulate.
        The toad can change its gender if necessary. Galia named her
        sister, "Taree" after a fig tree that is self pollinating. Soon the
        lily pond was full of tadpoles. Galia and Taree were very proud.
        Still, the press worried about the population of toads that were
        growing in Galia's pond. Could they become the dominant race?
        Galia and Taree appeared on The Ellen Degeneris Show.
        Galia pleaded, "We are all people with inalienable rights(Chur-ribit)."
        Taree said, "I love all people for their kindness(Chur-ribit)."
        Ellen asked, "Can I visit your pond? I'm a good swimmer."
        Ellen and Galia and Taree swam in the pond together with the
        tadpoles. Ellen giggled, "These little fellahs tickle." Galia laughed.
        Still, the legislature thought it best to quarantine the pond with a
        very high wall and many soldiers. Well, it wasn't long before all
        those tadpoles grew into slender walking toads. There were hundreds
        of them. Galia's pond was packed with toads. They needed more room.
        Galia got her lawyer to file a civil rights suit.
        Taree tried to manage her sister's pond: better filtration, plenty of flies
        an beatles and teachers. It was decided to move the family of toads to
        Florida. Galia worried about alligators. Taree set about building a large
        preserve without alligators. The President made an announcement
        warning all bayou people not to eat Galia or Taree or their family,
        "They are Americans."

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