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by Rue
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Life and Death can be creative.
With a dusty hand, Alex reached for the sky and cried, "She's mine! I want her! Give her back to me!"

Red sand swirled violently around him under an orange sky. Wind screamed past his ears which pelted sand into his frail skin. Dry brown hair sat atop his head, and his face was accompanied by drying tears.

"I want her! Why can't I have her again!? Just one more time with her!"

Above him and below the sky stood a massive tree. Its limbs were thicker than Noah's ark, and its trunk was bigger than the Earths moon itself. Bark blacker than the Devils dreams shielded it from any possible threat. Only a few leaves graced its twigs. White leaves that mocked hope in color.

"Just please give her back! She was all that there was, and now there's nothing."

Everything stopped at that moment. The sand paused in mid-air, and Alex's body became stiff. He could only see and listen. What he heard was static. Then he heard tears. Someone was crying behind him. They sobed slow and soft. He couldn't turn to look though. Soon the static began to over power sound. Nothing else could be heard.

'Was I asking to much to need her?,' Alex thought. 'Did she need me?'.

Like it had begun, everything moved again. Sound returned as well. This time the sand didn't hurt. It couldn't hurt him since the black bark protected him.
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