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Thoughts are things, things are thoughts
Thoughts are things

Have you ever thought as to how things happen?

How do people become successful?
Why there are so many who are sick and poor?
How do people rise up from the crippling circumstances of life and climb to the very top?

The philosophers of personal achievement, all of them, profess that everything begins with our thoughts-our wishes, desires, dreams and definite goals. Later, our faith, feelings, emotions and focused attention turn them into reality.
 Thoughts power our desires
• Thoughts turn a wish into reality. Not just some times but all the time.

• Your thoughts become the things in your life. Not just your positive thoughts; but your negative thoughts too.

• This is a universal law; there is no escape from it.

• This is no bad news at all; this is good news, really god news. Because, it shows us a way as to how to get what we want.

• It is easy to control our thoughts. In fact thoughts are the only thing we have a perfect control over. You can control it every hour, every minute and every second of the day.

• You have to merely choose what you will ‘think’ to materialize virtually anything you wish in your life.

• Whatever you imagine—within the realm of practical possibility—you can easily have.

• It is not just limited to attracting material things; you can also have more love, joy, pleasure and laughter.

• Thoughts have energy like everything else in the universe has energy. Even an atom or a grain of sand has a lot of energy in it. Whatever you see, hear or feel has energy.

• Our scientists have started to accept this fact. Everything in this universe is a form of energy. Money, house, dress, cars, ships, kitchen equipment, love, affection, anger, hatred, empathy, concern—anything is a condensed form of energy.

• Remember energy cannot be created or destroyed. So the energy of your thoughts gets simply converted into whatever they represent. If you keep the same thoughts for long periods, more and more energy becomes available and the conversion becomes easier.

1 Have you not heard someone say,
‘Be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it?’
I bet you believe it too-at least to some degree.
2 You have also heard about the powers of positive thinking. Haven’t you?
And possibly you too believe it does have a positive power.
3 You may have heard about the art of visualizing. Probably someone of you may have tried it too. In all probability your visualizations should have come true. If not, you may not have had visualized intensely or with concentration or still, sufficiently long.

But have you ever thought as to why or how they work?
Something is activating them. Something rather quiver is going on. What is that?

Let me put it to you in 3 short life changing words?
That is it. Thoughts become things. This is the principle behind the above three statements.

Thoughts and things are related. Every thought reminds you of a thing and everything induces a thought. Things activate thoughts and thoughts activate things. Thoughts do transform, rearrange, and set into motion the material particles in our brains thereby creating a specific mental state. This mental state produces a similar effect on the minds of your cells, organs and the physical body as a whole. The influence of thoughts on the objects of the world are as effective as the minds of your cells which create your glands, nerves, bones, skin flesh and so on.

Psychic treatment can be given to objects, conditions and circumstances as exactly as you give psychic treatment for your physical ailments.

It may sound unrealistic or startling at first. Well thoughts become things in accordance with the natural laws and the order of nature.

Ordinary people think that things happen just like that or they would have happened anyway. They do not understand that thoughts produce them. The belief that things would have happened any way make them lazy and they do not put any effort to improve their present lot.

To demonstrate how thoughts produce things, just see this:

As soon as you replace negative thoughts with the positive ones, you will find that undesirable persons objects and happenings start to disappear and good objects and positive conditions start to appear.

These changes could never have been achieved by physical efforts. When the thoughts are creative, you can do wonders because you can create things for yourselves. The law of mental attraction gets set into motion drawing things to you.

From this discussion, does it not make sense to streamline our thoughts?

Different or disconnected thoughts produce incoherent energies without the power for materialization. That could be the reason why so many thoughts do not materialize at tall. You wish or daydream something now, the next moment you wish something else or you entertain some other dream. The next day something altogether different comes in. So there is no consistency in your thoughts and nothing good happens and no materialization takes place.
But when thoughts are coherent over long periods of time, similar energies get stored in your mind and it goes on to materialize the things it represents.
More forceful and sustained the thoughts, more the energy output.

Thoughts with conviction have a power of their own. If you have full faith in your thoughts, the energy produced in you is enormous and the materialization becomes almost instant.
But faint wishes or weak thoughts bring out little energy and they lack the power to materialize things. Stronger and longer the thoughts better the results.

Just what will be the thoughts of a successful businessman?
This year’s turnover is over 25 millions. Next year it should become 35 millions. More money has to be invested in the new division being planned In another 5 years’ time my turnover has to cross 100 millions..
He has already become confident with his success so far. He is planning for the future.
Whatever he plans he believes he will accomplish. His brain is scheming and thinking in the same direction always.

An ambitious executive will be dreaming to become the General Manager of his company in the next 5 years. He has got his eyes on the CEO’s post (he wants to reach there after 10 years). Becoming the General Manager is the intermediary step. He is working day and night. Every single thought of his is streamlined for his company’s growth and benefit. He is purposefully and fruitfully engaged all the time.
He believes that his dreams would come to pass. He expects them to be fulfilled and his emotions and feelings are all attuned with his thoughts.

They worry about what they will eat, where they will sleep, what they will put on and how they will get treatment for their frequent diseases.
They believe that they are destined for poverty and suffering. They think that whatever attempts they make to overcome their hardships may not bear fruit. And naturally poverty and wants get perpetuated in their lives. Further, they are almost always sick.

They are neither very ambitious nor very fatalistic. Many of them have a job of some sort and they try to make their children come up some way. Many of them do make occasional attempts to rise up above mediocrity (some of their desires do come to pass too) but the vast majority of them just go on with whatever they have.

Can you suggest who are more prone to diseases?
 Will it be those who have specific aims in their life and who work hard to realize them?
 Will it be those who dream of a better tomorrow?
 Will it be those who sit idle and worry all the time about all sorts of illnesses?
 Will it be those who are reasonably employed but are in a way afraid of diseases and who, whenever they get the time, indulge in loose talks about their own illnesses or imagined propensities?

It cannot be the first group.
They work hard and their minds are preoccupied with their specific goals. Mental and physical activity makes them healthier. As they aim to succeed, they do not think about illnesses and diseases and naturally they keep themselves away. Further, their subconscious minds know that they have to be healthy to achieve their goals.

Not those who intensely dream about a better tomorrow.
Those who dream a better tomorrow cannot idle away their time either.
They are thinking about betterment and they wish and dream winning situations. Disease is a losing situation and it has to keep itself away.
The third group, on the other hand, engages in negative thoughts.
They imagine every conceivable illness and worry whether they will get effective treatment or not when they are sick. Their fears, thoughts and feelings become the reality. This group will be more or less perpetually sick.

Those who belong to the last category are the vast majority.
They have no specific goal to enjoy super health nor do they put sustained effort for acquiring the same. They believe that diseases are a natural occurrence and that without proper medical attention they cannot retain health. These people are always floating between a sickness and a no sickness state. They lack a personal initiative to attain super health and they never enjoy it.

The funny thing is the same people keep going to hospitals at regular intervals. If you go a few times, you may keep going forever.
These disease conscious ones believe they are attuned to become sick or that they will be sick any time and going to a hospital, seeing a doctor and getting medicine are all necessary for their very survival.
The truth is far from that.

Getting sick is an exception, something that we bring about due to lack of exercise, food control and focused attention on our goals.
Those who exercise, control their food intake and are always purposefully engaged very rarely get sick and hence they do not need treatment at all.. Their minds keep them healthy all the time.

Statistics show that one who got operated once is likely to be operated again. It is because his mind starts to believe the possibility for another operation. This becomes an expectation and it soon materializes.



If the same thoughts are repeated over long periods of time the manifestation is definite and full.
Energy follows thought. One gets what he thinks about. Your attitudes and behaviors spring from your thoughts. And remember attitudes decide whether you will be lazy, hardworking, ambitious, desperate, positive, negative, wealthy, poor, great or unknown.
Every achievement and every failure begin as a thought.
If you let your thoughts indulge in fatalism and later come to believe in it, you will accept whatever life brings to you—penury, unemployment or sickness. You will never challenge them. You become like a log of wood floating in a river. The current will carry you wherever it goes. You simply drift like a dead person.

But if you streamline your thoughts you will be able to arrive at the correct knowledge and later fix for yourself specific goals. You are no longer a victim of circumstances. You become the master of your destiny.

Thoughts always follow your beliefs and convictions. If you believe that you make your future you cannot choose to idle away your time. Once you believe that you can succeed irrespective of your present conditions, you seek ways and means to be successful.

No one lese can influence them without your permission.

 You can choose the books you read, the friends you mingle with and the subjects you learn.

 Read books of great people who have risen up from rags fighting back all possible adversities and books that will show you the right paths to follow. Mingle with positive, ambitious, honest and hardworking people. Do not get into the trap of those who advocate that the society or government has to uplift you.

Aim at developing you on the inside. The person you are on the outside is fully controlled by the inside one. And the inside person is controlled fully by your thoughts and beliefs. Choose the right knowledge and control your future and your destiny by controlling your thoughts.

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