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Installing personalized signatures made easy!
I've received many e-mails asking me how to install and use personalized signatures, so I thought I'd write a tutorial for those of you out there new to WDC. Hope this helps!

The information below may look daunting, but it's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The second time you do this you'll feel like an old pro!

*Bullet* When someone e-mails you a signature you've ordered or received as a gift, save the file to your desktop, then scroll down to the bottom of your main portfolio page to where it says Create An Item: and click on Image.
*Bullet* Where it says Item Title, just pick a name for the signature , then choose which folder you wish to put it in, and in the drop down menu next to Item Type pick what type of image it is (Clip Art, Signature, Photograph, etc.).
*Bullet* In the Brief Description box type in 90 words or less (a required step).
*Bullet* If you're unsure what to choose in the Intro and Content Rating boxes, click on "Content Rating System (CRS) to learn more.
*Bullet* Where it says Item Body I usually just type the same thing I typed for the brief description, but you may type in anything you choose as long as you type something (this is a required step).
*Bullet* Now, click the Browse button next to where it says Image File, find where you saved your photo and double click on it.
*Bullet* Scroll down to the Link To Item ID box. Here I always type in 100 because this will direct anyone who clicks on your signature back to your portfolio.
*Bullet* Now just scroll to the bottom and click on Save and View.
*Bullet* A new window will open with your saved sig. In the center top you will see ID#XXXXXXX (with your signature's identification numbers where the X's are). Copy this number.
*Bullet* Now, click on My Account in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Scroll down to where it says Edit Signature(s) in the right-hand column. Underneath the window titled Default Signature (Email / Forums / Books) type in ** Image ID #XXXXXXX Unavailable ** with your signature's identification numbers in place of the X's and no space after the colon.
*Bullet* Now click on Update!

Your new signature is now set to insert itself into all your e-mails and forum posts. CONGRATULATIONS!


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