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U can create abundance

Creating Abundance

 As already seen, you have to try to change your belief system first if you want to bring in prosperity.

 The universe is abundant in every way. There is infinite energy which ultimately gets converted into material things.

 Scarcity is an old feeling which is no more valid.

 You can create abundance in any area of your life.

We are going to learn the principles of creating abundance just now.
Try to change your present wrong beliefs and develop the correct ones.

“The Universe is absolutely abundant and always working for you.”
“Your higher self has the power to change anything in your life.”

Change your beliefs and thoughts. Focus on what you want. Let go of negative thinking. These will eventually change your reality.
As you affirm abundance, you need to open yourself to receive it and you have to believe that you deserve it.

Put your hand to your chest, let your higher self join you and then affirm,
“I now open myself to receive the riches of the universe and all the good things the higher self is sending me. If you notice negative thoughts creeping in, stop them and reaffirm the positive and make this a habit.
If you feel you deserve to have abundance, it comes to you. Most people are used to living with scarcity and become nervous or anxious when they have too much. Repeat to yourself often,

If you notice, getting worried when you receive too much, ask your higher self to help you get the deserving feeling. You deserve, everyone deserves to get abundance.
You live in an abundant universe. Anybody can have everything all the time
The universe is always abundant. Believe in your ability to take abundance from it.
If you have scarcity in a field, pretend that you have abundance here.
What would you do different if you had abundance?
 Try at least one small action to demonstrate abundance. Then you can extend the same to other areas.

Whatever you experience now is the result of your past thoughts and feelings. As you start changing your thoughts and feelings you will experience a different reality.
You have to develop trust in the universe and in your greater self which is attuned to the universe.
Tell yourself,
‘I trust in my higher self to bring me anything I want.’
 Examine your life.

 Identify an area where you need abundance.

 What is it that you specifically want?

 Wealth?

 Happiness?

Decide what exactly you require.
You will be able to create abundance in any area of your life by imagining having the feelings you think you will have if you had abundance.

In what way will you think, live and act differently? If say, you want money, ask yourself,
‘‘What higher qualities this money would bring me?’

Finding the essence of what you want to create by having abundance in an area is the key to having it.
Think of ways you can have more of these feelings right now in your life. If you want a lot of money, because it will bring you feelings of well-being, then think of ways you can create feelings of well-being right now without creating money first. Starting to create these feelings and qualities in your life will make you more magnetic to money and wealth.
Now you need to change your beliefs and thoughts to prepare the ground for abundance to start coming in.
Energy follows Thought. You get what you think about. Now believe fully you are already having the money you want. Focus your mind only on that aspect like a laser beam day and night, every hour and every second. Your thoughts will produce it shortly. You will be given a plan by your subconscious mind to make the amount. Follow it blindly. Understand that faith is the secret.
There is a misconception(as we mentioned already) that you have to earn something by hard work or good deeds and so on. This is a misnomer. It is all vibrations. If you believe you will have it in your mind and in your heart you will have it.
If say, you want health, acknowledge every time you feel healthy, energetic and alive.
Ignore the times you feel tired and sick. When you focus on the positive aspects that are already working, you will draw more of the same towards you.
 Whatever is your area of abundance you want, learn to be positive.

 Positive emotions and thoughts will draw to you more of what you desire.

 Acknowledge and appreciate abundance already experienced.

 Spend every day some time for quiet reflection and meditation on what you desire.

In the meantime there may be thoughts of scarcity creeping in. Change them into thoughts of abundance. Once you change your thoughts you change your reality.

Suppose you want to win a Nobel Prize. Through this you desire abundance to a greater level. Thoughts of doubt may creep in. You have to immediately ask those ones to leave your mind and reimburse your faith on your goal.
And if say, you are looking for fame and world-wide renown. Think of ways you can create feelings of fame every day. Acknowledge and emphasize any attention or recognition you get any time. Forget about unhappy incidents and unpopular experiences. Focus your entire mind on what you want.
 Your higher self has the power to bring in anything you want in life.

 Let go of negative thinking. Change you beliefs and thoughts.

 These will change your reality.

The Universe is absolutely abundant and is always working for you
As you affirm abundance in the area of your choice, you need o open yourself to receive it. Believe that you deserve abundance.

Now, try to do this every day. When you are alone and quiet, put your hand to chest, feel you higher self joining you and affirm something like this:


Feel your heart opening to receive what is being sent down to you. If you notice negative thoughts creeping up, stop, ask the negative thoughts to leave you and affirm once more the positive.
Make this a habit.
If you feel you deserve to have abundance it will come to you. Most people are used to living with scarcity and they become nervous and anxious when they have too much.
IT that is applicable to you, repeat often:
 “I deserve to have abundance in every field.”

Think of a time when you received real abundance in your life in an area you never thought possible. Bring that feeling of deserving and receiving into you mind now. Observe how good it feels. Then imagine you are creating the same feeling in the new area of your life.
Let go of all feelings of wants. Let abundance come to you in all forms and ways.
Once you feel you are receiving something, expand your thinking having even more and more abundance.

Your imagination is very powerful. It creates your reality.You imagine it and you create it.

Use your imagination to daydream and fantasize. Do not think this is impossible or this cannot be done and all. Say to your self:
‘Whatever I can imagine and visualize I can have.’

Expand Your Trust in the Universe

Keep in mind that you are living in an abundant universe. You can always get whatever you want. Believe in your right to get abundance and demonstrate your beliefs though your actions, words and behavior.
What to do if you have scarcity in a field?
If you had abundance here how what would you have done differently?
Try to get one feeling and try to demonstrate one small action (if you had abundance).If you succeed, you can create other feelings as mentioned before and create abundance tin this way.
Whatever you experience now is the result of your past thoughts and beliefs. As you start changing your thoughts and feelings you will experience a different reality.
Picture having abundance in every area of your life.
Picture having everything you want in every area of your life. See how this would be of benefit to those around you. If all had abundance!
Imagine you are looking for something to eat, say, a ripe fruit. At first you do not find any plant---nothing. You keep looking. After a long search you find a wild bush with a ripe fruit in it. Then more and more bushes come into your vision. Then you see a whole lot of them and you get surprised where they were hiding all the while.
Abundance works this way. At first there will be a little coming in –a trickle. But it soon becomes stronger and at last you have a torrent of good things flooding in.
If everyone believed in abundance!
The whole world would have been different. Then everyone would have everything and no one need to take anything else from anyone lese.
No war ……..no strife……..no internal problems……..This will create universal harmony and peace. Believe that this is possible. Everyone can have abundance. Bring abundance first into your life and then into others and thus help to create a better world for you and for me and for the whole mankind.

Simple exercises to help create Abundance

1. Self-Examination
Sit quietly for 5 minutes every day and tell yourself, ‘I deserve abundance.’
When you sit down like this if you feel you do not deserve abundance, ask yourself, ‘why do I feel I do not deserve abundance?’ Write own all the answers. When you go to sleep ask yourself the same question and jot down the answers which come to your mind when you wake up. It could be because of inferiority, self hate or guilt feelings. Remember you are not responsible for any one of these. Your parents or friends or the society must have implanted them into you. There is no meaning in crying over it. Forget the past and live in the present and you deserve every good that can comes to you.
2. Give freely.
Take 3, Rs.50 notes. Go to a public place like a petrol pump or a supermarket. Give a note each to three strangers –not beggars or watch men or to waiters. Give them to people who are respectable and who are willing to take them. Observe the reactions of the people as you try to give. Note how many of them refused to take the gift. Once you have completed the exercise ask yourself what is blocking you from giving and receiving.

3. Connect Yourself to Your Higher Self.
Sit in a quiet spot and take three or four deep breaths. Relax as you exhale. Imagine you are connecting yourself to your higher self-this is the highest expression of your personality, the self which knows it can create anything it wants. With each breath you feel wiser and clearer and try to see a larger and clearer vision of life. Get a sense of this all-knowing part of your self. You are becoming a part of the Universe.

4. Overcome Guilt/self hate/inferiority complex
Your parents, society, religion and your environment may have implanted these into you. Guilt/self hate or inferiority complex can be a factor that keeps you in perpetual scarcity or limited thinking. Freeing yourself from these can be a big step towards prosperity. Whatever has happened has already happened. There is no need for you to feel guilty about it. There is no one in the world who has not done any mistake or stupid things at one time or another. Further, that was not your mistake. You were young or immature. Or you did like that due to your circumstances. Perhaps your own parents may have induced in you inferiority complex. There is no need to feel guilty at all. Forget about the past and go forward.

Abundance Attracting Qualities Abundance Repelling Qualities

1. Believing that you are the master of your future 1. Belief in fate and destiny

2. Belief in abundance in the universe & in you 2. Belief in scarcity and poverty

3. Cultivating an intense desire to prosper 3. Surrendering to fate

4. Knowing the power within you to prosper 4. Thinking you are helpless

5. Cultivating self-confidence & self love 5. Hating self & Worrying,

6. Welcoming challenges & fighting adversities 6. Treading the cautious path

7. Believing it is never too late 7. Thinking it is too late

8. Taking positive steps to achieve goals 8.Becoming despondent & giving up

9. Having well-defined goals. 9. Choosing to drift

10. Making definite promises & keeping them 10. Breaking promises

11. Utilizing every second of yours 11. Wasting your time

12. Willing to give & receive 12. Not willing to give or receive

13. Expecting good things always 13. Expecting misfortunes

14. Becoming aware of your strengths 14. Emphasizing your negatives

15. Focusing on helping others 15.Thinking about self always

16. Living with integrity 16. Compromising your values

17. Willing to question all your ideas 17. Clinging to fixed ides

18. Wanting everyone to succeed 18. Interested only in self

19. Applauding others’ successes 19. Criticizing others’ successes

20. Living your life your way 20. Conforming yourself to society

21. Living to work 21. Working to live

22. Choosing a job you enjoy 22. Doing what you get

23. Expressing gratitude and thanks 23. ‘World owes you’ feeling

24. Trusting your ability to prosper 24. Worrying over your inability

25. Looking for win/win situations 25. Not caring if others win or lose.

26. Focusing on what you want 26. Giving attention to everything

27. Remembering past successes 27.Remembering failures, mistakes

28. Making your dear ones happy 28. Making self happy

29. Feeling that you deserve the best 29. Feeling guilty if you have too
30. Doing your higher-purpose activities first 30. Postponing them

If you like to know whether you have the abundance attracting qualities, check the above list and tick the side applicable to you. If you get more than 25 of them correct you are attracting abundance into your life.
If all the 30 are correct, Bravo, here is a great soul!

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