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A Character Sketch of Casey Ruble, one of my best friends
A Character Sketch
Casey Ruble

        Casey’s hair was more often than not an irritation to her. As it was quite tightly curled and stubbornly wavy, she could never straiten it. When grown long, it could only be tamed when thoroughly wet. When it was shorter—about to the shoulder—, you might call it a ‘bit more manageable’. Still, Casey often-times gazed with longing at the hair of others, hair that was straight.
But hair is not what occupied the majority of Casey’s time. Oh no. She was extremely busy, what with her schoolwork, both at Co-op and at home (for she was homeschooled), with her household chores, and with her writing.
        For Casey was a writer, one that was improving which each paragraph she wrote. Having a natural bent towards long conversations and detailed descriptions, her works reflected her favorite books and movies—anything Jane Austen.
She called herself the converter, for many of her friends who would never have picked up—or at least who would never have watched the movies—where  sucked into the world of Jane Austen, no matter how little, or great their friendship with Casey.

        Her fingers fairly flowed like water—brisk and light, rushing and heavy, or rolling as a wave when they touched the ivory keys of the piano. Having taken lessons for a little over eight years had embedded a love of the piano, and the many techniques to coax melody from it.
Though never boastful about her abilities, she would play at other people’s houses, along with the friend who had invited her. When they compared abilities, and piece complexity, Casey usually came out on top.

        Casey’s manner of dress was fairly simple, though always attractive, with ruffled blouses, or simple t-shirts—with cream colored pants, or with jeans.
But she was attractive in almost everything she wore. Though not always smiling, her face, and her long legs, added to her visage, one that was quite easy on the eye.
         Casey’s life has not always been easy. Troubles with her peers, with her family, and with herself have brought much heartache. Thankfully, she has had one unshakable foundation. The Lord Jesus Christ. He has led her by the hand through all, and given her great blessings.
I would like to think that one of them was me, the one whom Casey calls “Her Best Friend”.

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