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A scary crime tale. Need works an reviews

A dark shadowed figure slid silently behind his prey. A young dirty haired blond woman walked down the gloomy alley. He strode noiselessly behind her, pulled out his knife, and slit her throat before she could utter a word. A grin of pure evil crossed his face as he cackled “15.” He pulled the knife back and let the lifeless body thump to the floor with a thump. He then proceeded to wipe the crimson blood from the bloodstained knife. When he finished he dragged the limp body and threw it into the vile dumpster. “Finished,” he whispered, as he went off in search of his next victim.
* * *
“We have to catch this guy,” the police chief said. “He just killed his fifteenth victim. A young lady named Jessica she was only 22. She had most of her life before her; she didn’t get to experience the wonders of life. It was cut short by this…this freak. That is why we have to catch this guy. I am assigning partners McLain and Stewart, to make this your main priority and to catch this guy. Now lets do it guys lets catch this creep.”
Two men walked out of the meeting room, scratching their heads wondering how they might accomplish this impossible task. As they entered the evidence room, Stewart asked, “How are we going to catch him.”
“I don’t know but lets review evidence,” stated McLain as he walked to the filing cabinet and withdrew the only know evidence.
The hair in question was brown and 5” long. It had a distinctive curl. After the examined the hair they walked outside to get a drink discussing the case and discussing there history as police detectives. “remember when we used to hunt,” asked Mclain
“ya why don’t we do that anymore”?
“I don’t know, its just pointless, I jusr don’t see the point.”
Oh, well remember the time you lost the deer, it was your fifteenth deer wasn’t it. You shot it and it kept running you never did find it,” laughed stewart.
“ya, ya,” mumbled mcLain.
Just as the were about to the bar, they received a signal over the radio, the killer had struck again.

When the call came partners Stewart and McLain rushed to the crime scene and came across the grisly murder of a college aged man. The forensics team had just left but they still wanted to examine the evidence. The only usable evidence at the house

As Stewart bent down to examine the shoe print left behind, terror struck him. He thought to himself, this is a police boot, our department uses these. “I’ve been so stupid,” he whispered. Then it all flashed back to him, the hair, and how their killer “cleaned” his victims except number fifteen. It was all McLain. He reached for his gun, but McLain was faster.
“I can’t let you do that, I cant let you turn me in,” he mumbled.
“But why, why did u kill all those people?”
“Because whets the point in hunting stupid animals, when the real prey is humans,
“I’m sorry, we have been partners for 15 years and friends since we have been children but I can’t let you reveal my secret. McLain slowly cocked his revolver, and pulled the trigger. “Crack,” the gun exploded with a sound of shear chaos. Stewart slumped to the floor dead on contact with the murderous bullet
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