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A exposiotion on Labrador retrievers. Please write reviews and questions. It neeeds work
Labrador retrievers are a very popular breed of dog ( ). They are very useful because they are very loyal and gentle. To get to know the Labrador you must know the history and the physical and emotional characteristics.
“It is generally accepted that the Labrador originated in Newfoundland as an active, fast running, short coated, black water dog, bred to swim from boat to shore on various errands”. The Labrador was breed to be a hunting and all-purpose utility dog (The world encyclopedia of dogs 238). Labrador’s ancestors are probably working water dogs from Portugal, the black St. Hubert’s hound from France and old European pointer breeds (alllabs.com). The lab is still a hardy, active dog, strong in bone and pulling power, a powerful swimmer, sensible in personality and build, and ready for any job. The Labrador was introduced into Britain in the 1830’s crossing on boats from Newfoundland. All Labradors are ancestors of the Duke of Buccleuch’s dog-named Avon (The world encyclopedia of dogs 238).
“The Labrador is a self colored dog, generally either black or yellow and all shades from near white, cream, and golden to dark red”. There is also, liver and chocolate, which isn’t original Labrador’s color but with good breeding, chocolate and liver are being recognized a true Labrador color. “Labradors color should be whole not black and tan nor yellow with white markings”. A small white spot on the chest is okay. “Black is dominant to yellow thus two blacks both carrying the gene for yellow may produce some yellows in a litter but two yellows never produce black with the extremely unlikely exception of a genetical mutation.
The Labrador only needs a kind word, one square meal a day, and a job to keep them feeling important, and rub down for a good coat. “If fed too richly, or to much they can become heavy and there coat becomes staring. “The diet should be kept plain, biscuit meal with hash, eggs, and vegetables” Labradors is a most dependable good-humored dog, very obedient and easy to work with and hyperactive sometimes as puppies they need to learn who are boss and a stiff “No” is all that it takes to stop any problem. “Once they realize who is the master they become the most stable character, willing obedient and reliable”. There greatest benefit is there fondness for children. Labradors become besotted with their “own” children and love others, and are very safe with children withstanding any amount of teasing (The world encyclopedia of dogs 239).
Labradors are a great family, work, sporting dog, they help the police, the blind and many others. They are very useful and have many characteristics that make them unique.

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