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Memories of Cape Cod
                                      Sheep Pond

        Dad had a vacation rental on Sheep Pond. It was a few miles
        inland from Nauset Beach at Cape Cod.... Whenever I
        think of the beach I remember Nauset Beach. The ocean was
        very feirce with a strong rip tide. There was a long set of
        steps down the steep dunes to the wet beach. ...

        I was not much of a swimmer, but liked to wade and stare
        at the bikini ladies under water with my snorkel and diving
        mask... A dozen of dancing bikini ladies bobbed in front
        of me on their toes... The waves would lift us up and pull
        us out... I was a teen and weighed maybe ninety pounds.
        I kept close to the shallows...

        A liked to use the showers there. A hose attached to a
        spigot hanging over a plywood dressing room, stood
        next to a row of other showers on the beach... I would
        spray my hose at the feet of ladies showering next to me.
        Sometimes, they would spray their hoses at my feet...
        Curiosity, found a way to climb my shower booth and peek
        down at the bikini ladies.. One lady removed her bottom
        bikini and sprayed her hoo-ha... She arched her head in
        excitement and saw me looking over.. She screamed.
        I ran.

        I liked to explore Sheep Pond at night. .. It was more
        mysterious and exciting... One night I took the row boat
        out and was caught in a very strong current. It pulled me
        away from our cabin and all the way around to a cabin
        on the opposite side... It was 2:00am. I stepped out of
        the row boat and tied it the dock.

        Somehow, I knew I was being watched... I spotted two girls
        and a boy in the bushes leading from the dock...
        They were around my age. They were naked... I surmised
        I had interrupted their skinny dip.

        "Sorry.. the current pulled me here." I was very nervous.
        "Shhhhhhhhh!.... You'll wake everybody up." a girl replied in
        a whisper... "Come over here." she continued, waving her hand.
        I bent over and scurried over to them... I was wearing a @Super Man
        T-Shirt and red swimming trunks.

        Those two girls pulled my trunks and T-Shirt off in seconds.
          "What's that hole in your chest?" the boy asked pressing
          his finger into my chest cavity... "Hmf! That's a concave chest:
          A cobbler's chest." I didn't like him... "Nice shave." one of
          the girls fingered and squeezed my sack and smiled..
          "Awesome." the other girl ran her hands over my shaved

          "What-er shaving there for?" the boy looked with a squint.
          "It's personal.... ahhmmmm." My explanation was interrupted
          by the girls tugging and devouring of my shaven manhood..
          I looked down and saw these girls mouthing my whole package.
          The boy started stroking his hairy member.. He walked up to
          and over the girls... One of the girls mouthed his package:
          "I wish you'd shave."

            I didn't know what to do with my hands.. I decided to stroke
            the hair of the girl mouthing my manhood... She was rubbing
            her hoo-ha vigorously.. "May I go inside?" I asked timidly.
            She smiled a toothy smile and fell on her back. In two shakes
            of a lambs tail I was on top rutting and suckling her...

            The girls went back and forth between me and the other boy.
            Then, we would skinny dip.. and the girls would start again.
            "What's your name?" I was bonding. "No names, just fun."
            a girl replied... Eventually, I stumbled back to the row boat,
            but I was to weak to row.

            It took several hours to walk the dirt road around the pond
            to our cabin... My dad was standing in the driveway,
            "Good morning.. couldn't sleep?" "The row boat took me
            for a trip." I smiled. I slept all day.


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