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A girl wakes up, well, black & shunned by all of those she loves and....well check it out!

NOVEMBER 16, 2007
Today was not at great day, perhaps the worst day I've ever had. My parents kicked me out, my friends at school shunned me, and passerbys were just as as cruel. Not a smile, not a wave from anyone all day. I WOKE UP BLACK.
How could this happen? Nappy hair? Dark brown eyes? Flat nose? Humongous lips? Dark skin? Arms much longer? Butt bigger? I hate myself. Just yesterday I was gorgeous! Long blonde hair, deep blue eyes, perfect nose and lips, the fairest of skin and now I'm, well, black. I dont look like "me" anymore at al. How could this happen?
"Allison, Allison" my dad called out this morning to wake me up for my first day of my last year of high school. I quickly got my clothes on. My best friend Tina and I had picked them out three weeks ago at the mall and I had tried them on every day since to make sure they still looked perfect on me. My jeans wouldn't pull all the way up! What the hell, the didnt fit? I just tried them on yesterday! The jeans wouldn't fit over my butt. I ran to the mirror and screamed and screamed and screamed. MY dad ran inside my room to see a half naked black girl in his daughter's room screaming. He yelled for my mother to come upstairs and then he asked me where Allison was. Tears flooding down my eyes I exclaimed "Its me, Daddy". I started rambling on on how I was so confused and that Im his little girl and that he has to help me.
My dad just looked at me shocked. My mother entered the room and I cried out "Mom" and my dad just yelled "Where is Allison? Where is my daughter?
"Daddy its me, I'm Allie"
"Where the hell is my daughter, what have you done with her?", his blue eyes so dark now.
By this time, I'm crying more and so is my mother. She come up to me an slaps me in my face and screams at me, "Stop crying you stupid nigger and tell me where my daughter is!" She had a look in her eye I'd never seen before, a look of hatred. I grabbed the pair of pants I'd slept in and ran outside the house. My dad chased me for four blocks before he got winded. I'm sure he turned around to call the police.
Why couldn't they notice who I was and why were they so cruel and not listen to what I had to say? I'd never seen my mother act like that. She was usually so passive and kind. I'd also never seen her interact with a black person before but I'm pretty sure she only said those harsh words out of fear that her daughter really was missing and no just at her boyfriends house again.

More later....like what you see? Don't like the story so far? Tell me please.....
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