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thoughts power your life
The power of your thoughts

We have already seen that we can create abundance with our thoughts.
You may not get it by sitting idle and day-dreaming. But it is a reality that your reality is a projection of your sustained thoughts that are in harmony with your actions and inner self.

There are 2 aspects here:
 Thoughts must be sustained and energized.

 Thoughts should be in harmony with your inner self.

Even though thoughts have a power of their own, they become things only if they remain for long periods of time.
As our thoughts so will our reality be

 If you are thinking about creating wealth all the time, you will come in possession of money.

 If you want think about succeeding in your profession you will do so before long.

 Morbid thoughts will produce an idle life.

 If you desire a long and healthy life your mind will lead you to ways and means to live fit, young and strong.

 If you want to lead a licentious life you will seek ways to court women.

 If your thoughts are strong and sustained, efforts will automatically come forward.

Thus, on a broad way we can state that we make our life. Nobody else will do it for us, neither the government nor the society.
But if you sit idle and accept whatever life brings to you, you will never succeed. If you are in abject poverty, you may occasionally get some free food, clothes and medicines. But that is not going to change your life at all.
We have the choice to be successful on our own or live a poor life like the millions and millions of poor people
Prolonged desires, feelings, emotions, goals, expectations and our continuous belief bring in riches of every kind.
If you think and believe that every misfortune and every adversity hs been destined for you, your failure is absolutely certain.

 Have you ever examined what type of thoughts pass through your mind?

Does it regulate or control you or you control it consciously?

Knowingly do you try to keep away negative thoughts like that of pre-destiny, karma and fate? Do you consciously streamline your thoughts to your goals?
 You can change your life by changing your thoughts.

 You can get whatever you want by keeping harmonizing thoughts for long periods.

 You can have friends, love, happiness, health and promotions and wealth.

 Have you heard that the world makes way for the one who knows where he is going?

 You should know where you are heading to. You cannot be drifting.

 You have to consciously choose your thoughts.

 Once you are fired by the red heat of a desire to achieve a specific goal, you will become magnetized by it and you will attract people forces and circumstances that will help you get what you want.

The goals can be negative or positive. If they are positive we become successful; if negative we become failures.
If fear, anxiety, enmity, and revenge fill our minds, we will be hated by almost all. Our number of enemies will keep growing..
Have you ever successfully accomplished anything in life?
Is the answer is yes, it must have had started as a thought. Then it became an obsession of your mind. Hard work just happened with your energized thoughts.

The planning stage in any venture is a mental exercise. We give a mental shape to the project first. Our thoughts are the raw material with which we build our wealth or success. You have to create in your mind anything before it can be created in the material world.
 Anyone who can think clearly stands a better chance of winning.

 One’s life is shaped by the power of desires, thoughts and actions. If you aim something –however high it may be which is in the realm of possibility—with determination and sincerely work for it with perseverance you will get it. Strong and sustained thoughts invariably become things.

 If anyone fails to materialize his thoughts, he must have failed first in his thoughts. Millions of people all over the world have accepted poverty and suffering as their lot, as their destiny. They fail because of their thought patterns.

Our thoughts are working for us always even when we are sleeping. Keep it in a state of receptivity by filling our minds with our goals and seeing them as already achieved.
All that you think and stand for is the key to your success.
To be really successful, your personality has to be in harmony with your goals and aspirations, your inner self. Your thoughts, if sustained for a considerable period, sink to your subconscious mind and it soon becomes a belief and an expectation. Your emotions and feelings get attuned to them and they materialize very fast.
 There are those who toil hard but do not reach anywhere.
 There are people who work less and accomplish and enjoy more.
 Some of them become immensely rich and powerful.
 Their thoughts, beliefs and expectations make the difference.

Success is not a function of hard work. One can succeed without much physical hard work. But without proper thoughts and beliefs no one can succeed.

It requires colossal energy to change the world; millions will have to think in absolute harmony for very long periods of time.
How to get the willing cooperation of others
Through the magic of thought we can seek the willing cooperation of others. We cannot do this by force but through persuasion. Their thought energy will come to aid us only if they are disposed towards us. When thousands are disposed towards us colossal amounts of energy become available for our use. During the Freedom Struggle, Ghanhiji had the willing cooperation of over 400 million Indians! And he accomplished seemingly impossible tasks!

How powerful are your thoughts?


This is how visualizations work.
Thoughts power positive thinking.
The thoughts you have become the things of your life.
Not just sometimes; but all the time.
Not just your positive thoughts; but your negative ones too.

This is a universal law; there is no escape from it.
You need not get scared. This is not bad new at all; this is good news, really good news.
Because, you can control your thoughts every minute of every day.
You have to just choose what you think. You can bring virtually anything into your life.
Whatever you imagine—within the realms of practical possibility—you can easily have. It is not just limited to attracting material things. You can have more joy, laughter, love or pleasure.

Thoughts have a power of their own.
Our thoughts and our lives go hand in hand. Together they create our experiences. If our thoughts are positive and constructive we become successful, happy or famous. If they are negative we become failures or criminals or notorious.
Morbid thoughts produce idle thoughts. If you have an intense desire to go up you cannot sit idle. If your longings are strong and if you have worthwhile goals efforts would come forward. When the thoughts are energized with determination and emotions they make you search ways to succeed by attracting to yourself forces, people and the required circumstances.
Nobody else will make this state of mind in us. Nobody can—neither the government nor the society. If you do not have intense dreams or if you believe in destiny you will tend to accept whatever life is dishing out to you and your life will eventually be a failure. We build our success completely on our own or we live a mediocre or poor life as the vast majority of the millions of our brethren do.

If you ever pray, ask for the awareness that you can change your destiny; that you can create your future.

 Well, it is good to think now as to what type of thoughts you entertain normally
 Are you controlling your thoughts in a helpful way?

 Or, are they controlling your life without any conscious interference from your side?

 Are you able to keep way negative thoughts-thoughts on destiny inevitability and all?
 Are you able to keep away discouraging thoughts?

This whole book is to help you understand the necessity to change your thoughts and to guide you as to how to instill ‘good thoughts.’
If your mind is full of intense goals, full of your past small successes, full of belief that you can achieve anything you want in life, you will then emit a special fragrance around you. The world, knowing it, will make way for you to realize them.
But if your mind is filled with fear, anxiety, doubt, hatred, enmity, revenge and so on, you will end up a coward and sickly person or an ordinary person probably with a lot of enemies.
Thoughts have energy.

If you have the same thoughts for long periods of time more and more energy becomes available to you.
Everything in the universe, money, house, dress, cars, ships, Comfort-giving equipment, anything is a form of condensed energy. Remember energy cannot be destroyed.

Have you ever hared of someone say,
“ Be careful of what you wish for, because you might just get it.”
I bet someone of you have said like this sometime in your life. I bet too that someone out there believes in it too.

Possibly you believe that positive thinking has a power of its own.
You may have also heard about the art of visualization too. Probably someone of you might have tried the visualization technique sometime in your life, knowingly or unknowingly. Possibly you have stories to tell about its efficacy too.
Don’t these three things say pretty much the same thing?
Is it also not strange that to some degree you believe in them?

But how or why they work?

Some truth is here, some big truth.

Are you ready?

Let me put in 3 short life changing words?

“Thoughts are things”

That’s it. Thoughts become things.

This is the principle behind the above 3 statements.

From the above don’t you feel absolutely necessary to streamline your thoughts?

Different or disconnected thoughts produce incoherent energies. And hence nothing will be materialized.
When thoughts are coherent over long periods of time similar energy gets stored in your mind which goes to materialize things.
More forceful the thoughts more the energy output.
Thoughts with a conviction have a special power of their own.
If you have full faith in what you think, the energy produced in your world is enormous and the materialization becomes almost instantaneous. But faint wishes or weak thoughts bring out little energy and no materialization takes place.
Stronger and longer your thoughts the better.
What do you think are the thoughts of the poor?
They worry about shelter, clothing, sickness and tomorrow’s food. They fear diseases and penury. And, that is what they get all the time.
Can you suggest who are more prone to diseases?
 Could it be those who have aims and who strive hard to attain them?
 Could it those who sit idle doing nothing and worry and talk about illness all the time?

It is not the former. They work hard and their minds are preoccupied with their goals. Mental and physical work makes them healthier.
They expect success in everything. They simply expect winning situations. Disease is a failure. Since they do not think about failures diseases keep themselves away.
What about the third category?
Their whole thinking is on diseases. They engage in imaginary illnesses all the time. As thoughts become things this group will be perpetually sick.
This fact is demonstrated by the pattern of out-patients in any hospital. Those who come for treatment come again and again.
Those who got once operated have more probability of getting operated again than those who got never operated at all.
Even those who day-dream a better tomorrow cannot sit idle all the time. They will at least make weak attempts to realize their sporadic thoughts and they will be better off than those who surrender themselves fully to the mechanizations of the so-called destiny. They will be less sick too compared to the second group.
Thoughts produce anything.
A thought, as soon s it is made, is endowed with a force of its own. When the same thoughts get repeated for long periods more and more energy is produced and the materialization is definite and prompt.
Energy follows thoughts and you get what you think about.
Your behavior and actins spring from your thoughts. The latter decide whether you are lazy or hardworking, desperate or ambitious, positive or negative.
Every achievement—wealth greatness and every achievement started as a thought.
If you let your thoughts drift by you will be like a log of wood in a river. The current will carry wherever it goes.
You will receive with open hands whatever life brings to you—pain, penury, sickness, or unemployment.
You will never challenge your adversities.
On the other hand if you control your thoughts and focus them on specific goals, you can take full control of your life. You are no longer a victim of circumstances.
Thoughts always follow your beliefs and convictions.
You can believe in fate/karma or you can believe that you make your destiny.
This makes a world of difference.
The type of belief you choose will decide your destiny. Because every thought you will entertain will be emanating from this core belief system.
You can thus choose to be lazy, surrendering yourself to fate and become a failure, sick and , poor or you can set up worthy goals and become healthy, rich and successful.
Note that you alone can control your thoughts. No one else can influence them without your permission.
So choose your belief system carefully. Choose all those who will influence your thinking-friends, philosophy of life and great leaders you want to emulate. Surround yourself with ambitious, hardworking and risk-taking people.
The person you are on the inside controls the person on the outside. And the inside is fully controlled by your thoughts and beliefs.
Your mind your body and your whole world are crying for direction, waiting to be shaped by your powerful thoughts. Choose the right knowledge and thus control your thoughts and thus control your destiny. Your thoughts decide your future.

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