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i wrote this because i got inspiration in math, about what i have delt with in the past
Be the Change.
Would you be willing to be the change? Would you stand up for someone smaller then you? Would you ever stop a fight? Would you ever stand in the line of fire to protect a friend?
But the question isn’t “Would you be the change?”  It’s ‘Will you be the change?”
I have seen a kid thrown to the ground for not doing what he was told to do. Do you think he regretted not doing so? 
I saw a fight full of blood and anger. There was a crowd, what did you think was going through their minds. I know what was going through mine, I wanted to stop the fight but I didn’t.
I have also seen my friend pinned up against a fence, this time everything changed. I first was in the crowd, 10 seconds later I was between the bully and my friend. I was close to being hit that day, but do you think it I cared? The bully had took one look at me and walked away.
That day I finally stood up for someone, it had changed me. That day I was done, done being the bully, done being the bystander, done being the victim, I was just done. I personally am not the bully ever, but I was once, but for most of my life I was the victim. Within my life I have been mentally and physically abused by others, but they didn’t realise how much it hurt. Cause it really does.
Ever since I moved back to Sarnia I have changed. I no longer care what is thought of me, you got a problem with me?  Say it to my face. Do you think I still get afraid? Not as much.
If people were to be proud of who they are then it would be as that if you were African-American people would be treated the same, if you were poor you would be able to walk down the halls with your head held high, And if you were small you wouldn’t  shudder when you stepped onto school grounds. Take a look around, we are all different races sizes and levels, we make a world full of many cultures. If you are mentally or physically abusing someone, step inside their shoes and see what it’s really like, Hurt, Alienated, like an outcast.
I have felt this, from being teased from the way I act, the way I look, just the way I am. It simmers into your mind like a time bomb just waiting to explode. When you’re the bullies do you ever think about that? How you’re really terrorising them?
So what can you do? I know the saying “If your not part of the solution, You’re part of the problem” is getting kind of old but its true.
So ask yourself, Would you stand up for someone smaller than you? Would you Talk to someone less fortunate than you?
But Really, Will You Be The Change?
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