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Even a desert can be beautiful...
Springtime In The Desert

It is springtime in the desert,
There’s nothing to see.
A few less clouds shadow
The desert without a tree.

There are no flowers here
Just an excess of dust,
Dry lake beds and cactus,
A dirty two-lane road.

A wall of mountains encloses
When you get to the other side,
The grass isn’t greener –
‘Tis only more desert.

I hear and feel the rumble
But it can’t be thunder –
It’s coming from behind,
From in front and above.

Wild horses streak by
With their manes of gold,
Sun gleaming in their eyes
As their dust cloud billows.

I watch as they pass
And at the end of the herd,
A beautiful palomino
And her striking young colt.

Staring with wonder as he runs
So young and so strong,
I wonder where he’ll go
I wonder what he’ll see.

His freedom is unquestioned
This land is his own.
One day he will rule it
And run right out in front.

There are no tall, green trees,
There are no bright flowers,
But there is life renewed.
It is springtime in the desert.

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