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by Lilje
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Fifteen year old Celeste starts seeing, hearing, and expeirencing unexplainable things.

    I saw Allen go out onto the balcony - didn't really give it much thought. But as I walked by, a weird feeling started to settle on my shoulders.

'Maybe I'm just tired, yeah....that's it'.

Though as I continued down the hall, I noticed the feeling hadn't lifted at all - it did anything but...- and that sent a small shiver down my back. I don't exactly remember what gave me the notion that Allen was involved in this, - call it intuition.

‘It wouldn't hurt to check would it? '

I could almost effortlessly picture what it would be like if I went out there.
I'd walk out through the glass doors, he would hear me, and ask me why I came out to see him. What I needed was a good excuse, a really good excuse.

‘Let’s see, "To come out and get fresh air"....ridiculous.” To see you"...I don't want to send the wrong message - well he is really cute, and might like me- .....no, no, it's to soon for that. " I sensed something terribly wrong that you might be involved with". Am I insane? If I said that, he'd be sure to lock me in a rubber room somewhere. I'll just make it up as I go'

I came up to the glass doors and looked through them, and what I saw surprised me. Allen was lying on the floor of the balcony, eyes closed, motionless.

"Ok Allen, I knew you were tired, but this is ridiculous! " I muttered to myself

The door smoothly opened as I stepped out into the pale moon light. I walked over to him and knelt down next to him.

“Allen come on! You'll freeze if you sleep out here! " I told him in a harsh whisper, while shaking his shoulder.

Now something really didn't seem right I reconfirmed to myself while trying to keep my breathing even, and tucking a piece of my long dark red hair behind my ear.
Allen didn't look like the Allen I knew. First, I looked at his once rosy cheeks. I compared his face to the one on the moon and couldn't find much of a difference.
I didn't hear him breathing. That's when the obvious slapped me in the face.

“Allen?....ALLEN?!? No Allen, oh my God! "


She was caught in a wave of hysteria, and the tides of insanity were pulling her back. Out the doors she ran, through the hallway, and down the stairs in to the large living room. There Celeste saw her uncle, straightening a book on one of his vast bookshelves.

"Uncle! Uncle! It's horrible! Alex....and the balcony.....and the not moving....and the moon....and the...the....It's horrible!" Celeste managed to cry out between her gasps for breath and her near sobs.

"Celeste, what happened to you? I haven't seen you like this, since that time with the Ferris wheel when you were six."

She grabbed his hand and started to pull "Come with me", she said in a barely calmer, somewhat dead voice. Her uncle -sensing some urgency, followed her back to the balcony.

~Celeste's Uncle~
I don't really no how to explain it. One minute I was trying to figure out Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, the next I was trying to figure out what Celeste was so hysterical about. I wasn't sure what people do in situations like these, but when she wanted me to follow her, I figured I probably should.

She lead, no, dragged me up to the balcony she kept talking about. She opened the glass doors, walked out and turned around, pointing to the balcony's floor.

"See! I just found him like that", she sobbed “What will happen now?"

"Celeste, I don't know what you mean"

“How can you say that? I thought I told you every thing that happened on the way here!" She said, choking back her tears.

“Celeste...........there's nothing there........"

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