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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #1351564
A war between jennifer's stuffed animals and brads action figurs!
  One saturday afternoon Jennifer was hiding under her blanket in her room. She lifted up a little of the blanket an looked out at her army of stuffed animals. Each were put in a row, and there were three rows of them. 
  "Alpha troup, go!", she said, and one row stood up and marched out. They had squrt guns with them.
  "Bravo troup go!" she said and the second row of dolls stood up and walked out of the room, also carrying squirt guns.
  She heard her brother, Brad yell  "ATTACK!", and so she sent her last troup out following them.
  "ATTACK!" she yelled, and then things went flying threw the air.
  A Superman action figure just about hit her in the head.
  Her big stuffed bear caught one action figur and started whacking the other ones with it.
  Thirty minuts later the war was over, Barbie heads and bodies were laying all over and parts of action figures were everywhere.
  Then their parents walked in the door.
  "You two clean this mess!" their dad yelled, and they started to clean.
  Little did they know their big brother, Chris was planing to assasinate the big bear and the Superman action figure.
  His army men came runing out shooting toothpicks and catapulting one another at the bear and the Superman action figure.
  "We have to team up!" Brad yelled and Jenifer nodded in agrement.
  They went to war, and then the dog walked in and everyone paused.
  The army men who were in the air fell to the ground and  the dog barked.
  "Play dead!" Chris said, and the dog started to weez.
  Then it laid on the ground.
  Their parents sent them to their rooms (including their dog, Aluicious).
  Later they came to look for the still living action figures, stuffed animals, and army men. Their were 5 army men still alive, 3 action heros and 9 stuffed animals left.
  "I won!" Jenifer said jumping up and down.
  And that is the story of the Battle of the Dolls.
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