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by Wayne
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Richter fears that he's the only one feeling the intimacy with Kelvin
Richter's mind lazily drifts into a serene trance as the freezing breezes blow on his face. He sits at one of the benches placed at the infront of his first period class, feeling the coolness in the air. He snaps out of it momentarily and looks at his watch. 7:15... He sucks in a breath of cold air and let out the anguish that has welled-up in his stomach through his mouth as he exhales. It is nice to be alone in the cold... Richter came to school early today because he couldnt stand the suffocation he had suffered at his house anymore. His mom and his sister's yelling still echoes in his head, but it fades as Richter lets his brain freezes in the cold. Open space, silence, cold... He returns to his trence.

    Richter still lays motionless.
    "RICHTER!" Kelvin yells again, "when did you get here?"
    Richter's consciousness steadily restores as he opens his eyes, "Oh.. hi Kelvin... 30 minutes... ya. I got here 30 minutes early" Richter looks at his watch and sees that there's still 10 minutes left before first period starts. "You're pretty early too, arent you?"

    "Just a little", Kelvin shrugs, and he takes a seat next to Richter. They were silent for a few seconds. Richter then takes out a study guide for French. "I was... actually going to study for a French quiz..." Richter tells Kelvin.

    "I can see." Kelvin says with an almost apathetic voice. Richter glaces at the sheet half-heartedly; he didnt really feel like studying, not in the mood. A moment later, Kelvin shifts his position close to Richter so he could get a view of Richter's sheet. Richter could feel Kelvin's stiffness loosens as he inclines his upperbody against his. Suddenly, Richter is no longer aware of the insanely low temperature of the morning anymore, but instead, feels a cozy warmth from their contact. Richter could feel Kelvin's shoulder leaning on his; as mundane as it is, it's an incredible feeling that deeply contrasts with the state of his mind his hardships have left him. Richter then hears Kelvin faintly attempting to speak French as he reads off of his sheet. He's unsure whether Kelvin also senses the intimacy. Richter hopes it isnt an one-way connection... or an illusion altogether. Regardless of his doubts, he tilts his head slightly towards Kelvin while he closes his eyes to savor the rare sensation in the midst of Kelvin's scent. The sound of Kelvin trying to speak French continues... It's the sound of an angel speaking... As pathetic and ridiculous as Richter recognizes, he feels that Kelvin is the only good left in his life.

    Meanwhile, students are ariving to school by the dozens. The chatter of the students slowly invade the silence of the morning. Across the bench Richter and Kelvin are sitting on, Soonjin spots them as he makes his way to his first period.

    "Kelvin! Dont be late!" Soonjin hollers.

    As if it was built into his reflex, Kelvin swiftly straightens himself away from Richter. Kelvin then waves at Soonjin as he stands up.

"Bye Kelvin.." Richter says with an unnaturally subdued voice.

"See you after school.. maybe." Kelvin quickly responds as he walks away toward his first period class.

    Richter, still sitting on the bench, feels his heart hurting. He wasnt prepared for the sudden breakage of the intimate warmth. A hatred for Soonjin develops as Richter contemplates what has just occured. There's going to be a war... and he's going to win through whatever way possible.. He's determined to not have the only good in his life to be jeapordized by other people.
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