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Great story about evil dragons and great heroes
  The race of dragons, a mysterious,magically powerful race we know little about.But,we do know this,in the biginning stages of their race a orange dragon named Tom was born.Little did the dragons know Tom would grow up to rule the dragons with a bloody fist.Tom got to the throne by violence.Tom killed the king and also fought a civil war with his own people.Tom ruled the dragons for many mellinnia starting in the early stages of the dragons.When two mellinnia had passed many dragons had gave up hope.But a blood red dragon named Brady was born.But little did Brady or any other dragon know, he would kill Tom and rule himself as a benevolent ruler.As the years passed brady grew stronger and bigger than any dragon his own age this made king Tom start watching him as a threat.Brady was the biggest 13 year old dragon that ever lived.He was even bigger than king Tom.
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