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Meditations on desire

    "While we are asleep, we do not realize we are dreaming....
      But when we awoke, we knew. Someday will come a
      great awakening, when we will know life was like a

      I like @Pepsi. The fizz tickles my nose...
      Is this a @Pepsi lady? A slender curvatious
      lady of bubbling @Pepsi stands next to my
      reclining chair.

      I sip @Pepsi from her finger tips.

      I can see the great judgement of all
      the soda in the world.

      We are bubbles..

      Every bubble vibrates against another.
      An infinite glissening ocean of froth.

      I press my mouth firmly into the left
      nipple of bubbling @Pepsi. .. .
      I hear the whisper of fizz from

      tiny bubbles.

      Is there no end to this soda pop?

      The @Pepsi lady swirls her lushous
      liquid tushy into a frothy foam. ..

      Can I ever quench this thirst?

      I must join with her, but she flows
      all about me.. ... I am tormented
      by turbulence..

      I awaken covered in @Pepsi.

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