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Money comes with certain mantras
Attracting Money

Money is a force, as you may know. It is a type of transformed or condensed energy. Like all forms of energy, money also follows certain principles and universal laws. By understanding the laws and acting appropriately we may be able to attract money.
Most of us know the importance of hard work, determination and drive to amass it. But there are other, more powerful and hidden laws, to attract wealth and prosperity. If these laws are followed they have a power of their own to attract money from seemingly out of nowhere without following the norms of logic or cause and effect.
Let us see what these ‘wonderful’ laws are.

1. Account Money accurately.
Keep precise and accurate account of money you receive and spend. The more the attention you pay to the money that come to you and goes from you, the more the possibility for it to come to you in greater quantities.
Maintain a dairy or notebook to keep precise accounts.
Enter every transaction in it detailing every cent/paisa that comes and goes. Tally the physical cash in your cash chest with the balance in your book of accounts. There should not be any difference.

Like any force in the universe, money has to move freely. Holding back any payment or hoarding money prevents the flow of wealth.
People wait to pay their bills until they receive the payments due to them. This is totally wrong. Reversing such an attitude can help bring in an abundant supply of money.
Most of us are unwilling to spend the money we have for even our urgent necessities. We tend to hoard it. Many people want to hoard money even when there is plenty of it at hand. This could be because of some unfounded subconscious fear. When we reverse ourselves, money responds quickly.
There was a man who refused to pay any money for charity. When he reversed the trend, he found that he received money form unforeseen sources which he never expected.
If you let money flow freely, nature will reward you hundredfold. Life reflects on the outside the psychological condition inside. If your attitude is to hoard, money will be reluctant to come.
If you are confident to spend more prudently, it will come back to you much more.
A web site owner was hesitant to upgrade it to a better website because of the added expense even though he had the required funds. The web host provider had suggested the better site a number of times in the past. When finally the website owner overcame his reluctance to spend, he discovered, to his surprise, that the web host provider had suddenly, the day before, begun offering the better higher-priced site at a cost virtually the same as the current one.
If you give up the hoarding instinct, and let money circulate, wealth-energy will flow in your direction, and life will reward you with good fortune. This is proof of the ‘inner-outer correspondence’. That is, life reflects on the outside the psychological condition inside or within yourself. If you make your feelings and attitudes more positive, such as overcoming an unwillingness to pay a bill or the hoarding of money, life on the outside will respond positively to you in kind.
Allow money to circulate more freely and see how it circulates back to you.

2. Take care of all your present duties.
Your work is your bread winner and the source of your money.
If you neglect your responsibilities, how can you expect your finances to be good?
When you do your work earnestly, there is more probability for more money to flow unto you.
It is the very law of life that everything--whether it is a physical object or a human being --responds to greater attention. The best way to give attention to money is to account it accurately on time.
Keeping precise and accurate accounts of money is a powerful mechanism to attract it.
One man balanced his books of accounts undone for the last eight months and he found his finances suddenly improving.
Long debt owed
Often those who suffer from money problems are those who have borrowed in the past and they have refused to pay when they have plenty to do so.
Pay up an old debt now and see the way your finance will improve.
Collect back even the sums owed to you.
It is very important to collect back even the smallest amounts of money others owe you. If you do so money may suddenly come to you from all directions. This could be a few pennies the supermarket teller owes you or a shop owner has to give you back as the balance. Carefully collect all these cents or paisas and see the way your finances improve. Respect each cent/paisa. Do not leave it uncollected or abandoned. Money will, in that case, shy away from you.
Soft speech
If you talk slow and in a low pitch you will expend less energy and thus you will be able to conserve it. This will be eventually converted into money energy. If, on the other hand, you talk loud, fast and in a high pitch you spend more of your available energy and you will be left with almost nothing for effective conversion.
Watch the way the rich people talk and say things. Theirs will be almost a whisper but it carry a lot of firmness and conviction and hence very effective.
Maintain a journal for luck.
You must have heard that you get what you expect and think about for long periods. Even if you are a pessimist, there will be some good things happening to you here and there. So give a little more attention to the good things happening in your life. How can you give a little more attention?
Think about the good things that happen to you every day
Maintain a dairy for noting down the good things. Maintain a diary for ‘good luck.’ Write down everyday the lucky things that do occur in your day. When you concentrate or emphasize more the good that occur to you, it will bring far better things again. It has been scientifically proved that those who maintain a good luck journal for long are more prosperous than their peers who do not. Remember ‘money is good thing.’
Cleanliness and Orderliness
Perhaps the simplest and most dramatic way to attract money is to raise your level of physical cleanliness at home and at work. Many individuals and business men have followed this principle and have witnessed money suddenly rush into them from all sides, often from the most unlikely sources. It is recommended that anyone who is looking forward to attract money take up this strategy immediately. There is no better or faster way to attract positive good fortune, including fresh, new sources of money than by raising the level of cleanliness and orderliness.
Let your body, mind, home, office, and surroundings be tidy and orderly all the time.
Taking care of neglected Duties
There are cases where money will not come to you until you take care of the neglected areas of your life. Once you give those areas the attention they deserve, money or other good fortune can instantaneously come your way.
The neglected areas can be your family life or with respect to your duties to your friends or taking care of your old parents or something like that.
Have a vision of life and follow it
Your life should have radar. It should always show your onward journey. You should not be wandering like a log of wood drifting in the flowing water. If you know where you are going the world makes way for you. If making money is your goal, all the better for you. Your whole mind will be attuned to that desire of yours. But it can be any other goal. A specific vision should guide you all the time.
You should have defined moral principles too. Your goal should not, in any way, harm another person.
Purchase whatever that will give you joy
Do not be hesitant to purchase anything that will give happiness to yourself or to your family members. Spend money on what you really want or what your dear ones desire. Expand, thus, joy in your and in your dear ones’ lives. When you are ready to spend, you are confident that more of it will come to you. If, on the other hand, you try to hoard it you do not believe in your ability to make more money and thus money may keep itself away.
Overcome a wanting attitude & Open yourself to the higher spirit.
All intelligences in the world are connected to the Infinite Intelligence, to the Universal Intelligence. Your subconscious mind is always attuned to this pure spirit. Open yourself to this higher spirit from time to time. Shut yourself from the world, relax fully and just sit in the alpha level with nothing in your mind. Feel the universal spirit conversing with you. Listen to its suggestions and directions for making more wealth or anything you want to attain in life.
Spend money on what you really desire, what brings joy to you.

If you truly want something, if you are willing to allow it into your life, nothing can stop it from coming to you.

If you really want something, go in for the best.

Feel grateful to the universe, for the money you already have, for everything you already have.

When you see a beautiful house or car, think that you can buy it- be grateful for the opportunity to have seen it.

When you wait for the right things they just come to you.

The rich and the healthy do far more good to the world than all the poor and the sick.

You are completely worthy of whatever amount you desire.

You attract what you desire. You are worthy of much more.

Your belief system should rise up to get more.

Pretend that you are worthy. Pretending is the way to faith. Pretend that you are beautiful inside.

If all the money is distributed equally among the whole population, in six months’ time, the money attracting ones will become very rich and the poor money conscious ones will become very poor.

Where you put your focus and attention is what you are going to get.

He whose state of mind is poor, no matter how much money is given to him, he will remain poor always.

Adjust the vibration you are sending forth because you attract what you send forth.


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