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We had to write a poem years ago devoid of full sentences&this is what i turned out.
Both of us. At the docks. Cloudy afternoon.
         You. Suitcase in hand. Lifeless stare.
         And me. Your hand in mine. Saddened stare.
         One step back. Two steps. Away from me.
         Relinquished grip. Boat horn. Cannot stay. Or maybe…
         But no. Over. Long ago. No hope. All known. Without words.
Rain fall. Brisk wind. Second boat horn.
         Slow walk. Away. Always away. Toward the boat. Third horn.
         Memories revived. Discarded for so long. Emotions surfacing.
         Good times. Bad times. All together. Too many bad.
         Fourth horn. Billowing steam. Hurried crowd.
         You. Walking. Slowly. Now faster. Jogging. Running. Away from me.          Always away. Not a glance back. Departure. Without words.
Hard rain. Cold as ice. Like the wind.
         Approaching the boat. Fifth horn. Second thoughts. Not him. Me.
         Onboard now. His back to me. Through a door.
         And me. Now part of the crowd. The bustling crowd. With somewhere to go. But me, nowhere.
         Feet planted. No movement. Boat. Departure. No return.
         For the better? Or not…
         And me. Drenched. Cold. Alone. At these docks. Horrible docks.
         One step. Another. Now me away from you. Good. No longer here. Slowly. Away from that life.
Without words.
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