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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1353504
The 6th Chapter In My First Story
Alex's BIG Surprise - Part 6

Alex was now about 2 feet tall and looking up at Ren's giant toes. She smiled down at him and rubbed her big toe down his back.
"So? Do you have anything to say for shrinking me without my permission?" Ren asked in a mock tone.
Alex simply sat there in silence and then shook his head.
"Very well then. Time for your punishment to commence." She said and brought her giant foot down on top of Alex,making sure to add just a little pressure.

"So you thought it would a fun little way to get revenge on me after using you as a toy?" Ren asked rolling Alex around the ground like a foot massage tool. She then giggled at his predicament. "Does your plan seemed to have worked?" She asked.
"No Ma'am." Alex said,already feeling a boner beginning to form. He was getting so horny just from being abused like this by Ren's feet.

"Well then,I think it's time I use you." Ren said and wrapped her toes around Alex's erect member. He grunted at first because she had grabbed on fairly tightly. She then began to rub his dick with her feet and laughed. "This must be painful. My giant toes clutching onto your tiny penis,but you must really like it. I mean look at your member! It's so erect,heck! Probably even more so than it was when you played with me."

Alex could tell that he was going to cum in no time with all Ren's dirty talk and the feeling of her feet rubbing his dick. Not to mention the scent of her feet filling up his nose,making it very hard for him to concentrate on anything except for the pleasure he was feeling. Ren saw the look on Alex's face and smile.

"Is it getting too smelly down there for you? I know I wouldn't want to be down there. I jogged a bit after I shrank you back down to size,and my feet got nice and sweaty. I even checked for you honey. Bleck!" She said and wrinkled her nose. "But your feet? Oh I like the smell of those though." She then wink and brought her face close to one of his tiny feet and sniffed. "Mmm,much better than mine."

Alex felt his member start to twitch in anticipation,wanting to cum all over her toes so badly, when suddenly Ren lifted her feet away from him and shaked her finger.
"There's your punishment Alex. I'm just gonna leave you like this. All horny and wanting to cum! Now be a good boy and don't cum until after I get out of the shower." She said and left Alex,her sweaty jogging shoes,and the Size Device all together.

Alex looked and saw the device,and knew instantly what he wanted to do. But he wasn't sure what Ren would do to him if he came. He sat there and argued with himself for a good two minutes,all the while his member pulsing and seeping precum. Finally,he decided that he would go through with it.

Alex grabbed the device and walked over to Ren's giant sweaty shoes. He looked in and was met with the very strong scent of her feet and toes. He member bounce around in attention,begging for him to do it. Alex took the device... Set it to shrink... Aimed it at himself... And pulled the trigger!

He felt his body get consumed by the all too familiar tingling senstaion as he felt himself dwindle away as he watched the world around him seem to expand. As he shrank smaller and smaller, the device became too much for him to hold onto and he let it go as he finally stopped shrinking when he reached 2 inches in height.

Alex grabbed his dick and began to jerk himself off and climbed into Ren's giant right shoe. He fell over and tumbled down inside all the way to the toe section. He took in a very deep sniff of Ren's feet and began to jerk faster feeling more precum begin to drip out. He gently wiggled himself as deep as he could into her shoe,pressing his nose as close as he could to the sole of her shoe.

Taking in every deep sniff he could,he continued to jerk off as he imagine Ren's giant sweaty toes crushing him inside of the shoe as he licked them and then sucked them like his life determined on it. He got into it so much so,that he began to lick the sole of her shoe and unable to contain himself,he shot his load all over the imprint of Ren's pinky toe.

Alex fell over on his back panting for a few seconds. Then he looked out of the shoe and felt a wave of fear take over... Looking down inside of the shoe was not Ren... But infact her best friend... Cara!

The End Of Part 6!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1353504-Alexs-BIG-Surprise---Part-6