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by shadi
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Sharing what had been learned from relationship shortfalls.
      It took me a long time to realize, but I had searched and found the answers, to some of the questions, I had put forward on what had gone wrong.

      The misnomer, about marriage, is that it is  all about compromise and adjustment.  The truth is that, every person wants the other to accept, the spouse, lover, friend, and child from within.  Marriages are not about fidelity, trust, money, or society.  But instead, the latter is a direct result of the partner, not being able to accept, the basic needs of one another.  It’s quite simple really, if you try to understand the simplicity of this complex analysis.  I culminated these resolutions, while trying to label the basis, of why things don’t work out between two people.

      Humans have tried to define individuality, as a single source, of what makes up a person and their composition, which let them tackle everyday tasks.  A more concise definition, would be that, individuality is the direct result of one’ s surroundings and pressures forced upon by friends, family, and society.  This suggests that, individuality of a person would change with passage of time.  Since we are going through the change, we never realize it.

      The masks we wear, during a relationship, tend to solidify with time.  When we try to peel off our false faces and look at our reflection, we either hate what we had hidden or long to be that person that had been hiding for so long.  Many relationships seem to be superficially ‘perfect’, while the inner truth is not only hidden from society, but also from their lover and oneself.

      To get a person who will accept the child in you, accept the friend in you, accept the lover in your, accept the spouse in you, is truly something to cherish.  I truly am grateful to have this support and love in my life today.  God had sent down His Angel personally, to make sure I don’t ever lose my compass, faith, and trust in humanity again.


He was lost for five years, when he had got divorced.  Then he met and married God’s Angel.  She loves playing with both the kids – her husband and their son.
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