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by zimba
Rated: E · Thesis · Philosophy · #1353703
Victim Mentality programmes you
Overcome the Victim Mentality to Succeed

Ever since life evolved on this planet, there has been scarcity of food. Many have starved and died. We find pervasive scarcity in the human history too.
Even today in many parts of the world a number of people are starving. Famine and draught have made people’s life miserable in large areas of Africa and Asia. A World of plenty is an impossible dream for them.
No wonder a deep seated and pervasive scarcity-orientation have influenced the human thinking. They see resources as limited or scarce.
In the ancient times if anyone took more than ‘his fare share’ of what food was available he would be seen as evil. If he tried to hoard some food for difficult times ahead, that was a greater evil. Even if one produced more than his needs he could not take more than the others or save the surplus. This could be the reason why so many people still see profit and wealth making as evil.
The ‘fare share’ principle has been handed down from generation to generation. In the primitive communities ‘fair share’ was a powerful survival idea. If an animal was hunted and killed by one or a few together, the practice of sharing it with the community helped everyone’s survival. Thus the ‘fair share’ idea was accepted by one and all.
Your own parents have been victims of this sort of a scarce/poor/limited program. That is why they often reminded you not to waste even a crumb of bread or a grain of rice. Parents say: “Don’t waste food; there are so many starving today;”
“Be careful with money; they do not grow on trees.”
They had a mental orientation that no matter whatever they do their money hunger would not be satisfied.
The no-solution-orientation acts like a self actuating expectation. This has strengthened your belief that your unsatisfied money hunger will persist forever. You came to believe that whatever you do to mitigate your money hunger will not work. And that ultimately, scarcity will be perpetuated.
Victim Mentality
There is a universal thinking that the starving people should be helped by providing them with their survival needs.
It may have its origins in the helpless phase of infancy. We are all born as helpless babies totally dependent on our parents. They have to provide us with our survival needs.
In a poor house we share pain, poverty and desperation. Most of the neighborhood is in abject poverty too. As a result, many develop a helpless, victim-mentality.
Scarcity outlook and victim mentality has a lot to do with the way we imitate those all around us. We observe what our parents think and do and we imitate them thinking that it is the only way to survive. This has contributed to the “victim mentality.”

We do not live in primitive societies any more. Scarce Poor Limited Program does
not hold now. Abundance has become the order of the day.
‘Fair Share’ could be seen as a relic of the primitive past. It worked in those conditions.
But it has no relevance now. Your parents, and to a smaller degree the society at large, have been responsible for inculcating this idea. Your parents often forced you to share your toys with the other kids. They must have often reminded you about being selfish.
Other Scarcity Experiences
You may have had a number of other scarcity experiences that led to a Pervasive Scarcity Program in your mind:
1 Scarcity of food-especially scarcity of food that you enjoyed.
2 Scarcity of dresses and other personal wear items
3 The limited number of admissions available from nursery to college level.
4 Limited number of seats in the professional institutions.
5 Limited membership in sports teams, debating clubs, choir and so on.
6 Scarcity of friends from the opposite sex.
7 Scarcity of good jobs.
8 Scarcity of money to meet your ever increasing demands.
The Observation of the Hunger project
In 1977, Wisner Erhard launched the ‘Hunger Project’ He identified scarcity, no-solution-inevitability as being at the root of the world hunger. These orientations are pervasive forces that pervade their lives.
If anyone is stuck in the scarcity orientation, he will not put efforts to produce more or think of ways to overcome the situation. They surrender themselves to their destiny. They become very lazy and hardly do anything to overcome their predicament.
If you are stuck in the Scarcity Orientation, your efforts to produce more may not bear fruit. Deep down you will be operating on the ‘scarcity’ belief system. Ultimately your deep beliefs alone will get manifested. The scarcity orientation should be replaced with abundant orientation and the no-solution-inevitability frame of mind to everything is possible state.
Your mind need not have to accept any limits any more. There is no need for the ‘fare share’ concept now. We can produce any amount of food. All of us can become rich. There is plenty of everything here for making food, money or anything.
Do we have scarcity today? Not at all.

As Buckminster Fuller said once,
“We have abundant resources that every man woman and child
on earth could be a millionaire many times over”.
A scarce resource outlook is a mistaken idea. It needs to be changed. Reprogramming our brains consistent with the realities of today is an essential step towards success.
Try to become a total individual and create abundance in your life
If you make enough wealth, does your creation take away others’ fair share?
Not at all. What you make is in addition to what others produce.
There is unlimited wealth potential in the world.
Anyone can make as much wealth as he wants. There is no limit and there is ample scope to make any amount, any thing.
Wealth is a form of energy. And there are infinite resources of energy in the world.
We are not tapping even one millionth of the energy that comes to the earth from the sun.
Abundant food or wealth could be produced, abundant electricity could be produced and abundant amenities could be developed.
We have to shift our perspective from ‘Victim State’ to ‘master of our destiny’ approach.
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