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A well trained princess doesn't always come from a castle.
Once there was a princess who didn’t know she was a princess. Her name was Tiana.

She lived with an old woman named Adora, who had taken care of her since she was a baby. Tiana loved Adora and helped her work and clean everyday.

On Tiana’s eighteenth birthday a beautiful carriage pulled up in front of Adora’s house. Out stepped the king and the queen.

“Tiana,” the king said, “You are my daughter and it is time for you to come home.”

Tiana was very surprised, but Adora told Tiana that she was really the king’s daughter. He had sent her to live with Adora so she would be safe from an evil witch who wished to harm her. The witch was dead now, so Tiana's parents wanted her to come home. Tiana sadly said goodbye to Adora and left with the king in the carriage.

The king and queen took Tiana to a huge castle, where the queen showed Tiana a large room.

“This is your room. If you need anything, your servants will help you.”

Tiana didn’t know what to do in the castle. The cook wouldn’t let her help in the kitchen, and the gardener wouldn’t let her help in the garden. Her father, the king, told her not to milk the cow.

“You’re a princess, Tiana. Those jobs are for the servants.” The king told her.

One day at breakfast the king said to Tiana, “Today you can watch me hold court for the people.”

Tiana was happy to have something to do. After breakfast she followed her father to a large room where he sat on a throne and listened to people explain their problems to him. The king would make a judgement to solve each problem.

“My neighbor stole my chicken,” one man complained, “My family has had no eggs to eat for a week.”

“Your neighbor will return your chicken, or buy you a new chicken.” The king said.

“That’s not fair.” Tiana said. The king was surprised.

“Why not?” He asked.

“The neighbor needs to pay for the eggs, too.” Tiana replied, “This man’s family has lost a week’s worth of eggs.”

“You’re right.” Said the king.

“My apprentice didn’t milk my cow for two days while I was gone on business.” Another man complained to the king.

“Your apprentice will be docked two days wages.” The king decreed.

“But what about the cow?” Asked Tiana.

“What?” Said the king.

“If the cow didn’t get milked for two days, she must be sick.” Tiana explained.

“I see.” The king replied. “Then the apprentice must care for the sick cow without pay.”

“A neighbor boy keeps knocking over my milk can.” complained an old woman. This time the king turned to Tiana.

“What do you think?” He asked.

“The boy should be responsible for milking the woman’s cow for every day he has knocked over her pail.” Tiana replied.

From that day on, Tiana always sat with her father in judgment. The people of the kingdom were much happier because Tiana understood them and always judged fairly. Tiana was happy because once again she could be helpful. Many years later, when she became queen, she was known as the most fair ruler the kingdom had ever had.
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