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This is true and a poetry of a sister of mines life and abuse of our mother
                        My sister Sue, still suffers today
                                Pain Unforgiving....
        Pain nour mother relished in,yet sees no harm nor even cares
                    How much my sister still suffers today
                                      From A
                                  Pain Unforgiving....
          How can a mother be so cold,denying at the same time
                No warmth, no comfort,no nurturing with love
                        Just our mothers cold and cruel
                                  Pain Unforgiving....
                  Several attempts of suicide for my sister Sue
                                  To try and stop
                            The pain she feels inside
              The flashbacks that constantly haunt her mind daily
                          With no forgiving words from mother
    Nor from her heart to even say please forgive me for the pain I've caused
                                    Pain Unforgiving....
              The destruction mother has created awaits her today
                          As mother ly's sick all to only repay
                  Mother is now reepind the bad seed she sewed
                          Her body is daily tortured with
                                      Pain Unforgiving....
          Wonder if mother even knows why she suffers so much today
                                            Could it be
                                      Pain Unforgiving....
                      I only know the promise of our savior
                          Vengance is mine said the Lord
                                          I shall repay
                                        Pain Unforgiving....
    My prayer is that God will take and heal my sisters mind,soul and body
                                From that cold and calculating
                                            Pain Unforgiving.....
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