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info on vampire clans
Info on vampire clans. OK! Here goes nothing. From the bigging of their kind vampires looked the same way, but with time, differences started to develop between them, which cut them in seven clans- Ventrue, Gangrel, Toreador, Malkavian, Tremere, Nosferatu and Brujah.

Ventrue are known to be nobility, natural leaders, business-oriented individuals, who are in charge of many aspects of power and society, known to be the founders and leaders of the Camarilla. They have great strength, some can dominate people through spells and have a natural aura which decreases their enemy's strength, energy and magic.

Gangrel are mostly an independant clan, because they abandoned the Camarilla several years ago, they are known to be a feral clan that hunts in the wild. Their abilities are extreme resistance to pain, wounds and loss of blood, also they have the ability to increase their strength, to the point of "juggle dumsters" sort of speak. Their unique ability- animalism, is that they can immitate an animal(lion, tiger, rino, gorilla etc.), their strength, their way of thinking, their agility and their unique features(being able to see in darkness, extreme olfaction etc.). Unfortunately the more powerful their animalism gets the less sociable and intelligent they become, to the point that they become animals in their minds. That is their greatest fear and desire. The bigger level animalism can allow the Gangrel to actually summon animal spirits to help and fight their enemies. From a flock of bats, to giant wolf spirits who dig their nails and fangs deep in their enemies. The most powerful case of animalism is where a Gangrel turns himself into a giant wolf that has extreme speed, agility and can enflict great damage on their foes though the more they use that ability the more animal they turn.

Toreadore are mostly Camarilla. They are artists and lovers of beauty. Most don't have the ability to lead like the Ventrue or Tremere but are content to drink in the finer things of life that most Kindred don't care for. They can detect an enemy's aura from afar and see him/her even if they are hidden behind a concrete wall. They also have a natural aura that decreases their enemy's strength, energy and magic. Their greatest power is celerity- it gives them extreme speed and agility, to the point that they attack with the speed of sound.

Malkavian are mostly Camarilla. Known for their insanity and most other vampires don't talk with them unless they must. Aside from their insanity, Malkavians are privy to immense insight into things that would otherwise be unknown. These insights sometimes surface in whispers emanating from (but not spoken by) other Kindred. All members of this clan have a permanent derangement, chosen at character creation, that cannot ever be completely overcome. Their abilities are that of dominating the minds of others(to a more forceful extent than Ventrue), to see their enemies using their ability to see auras. And a unique ability- Obfuscate. Through it they can magically inflict control over the mind of an enemy, being able to drive their foes completely mad, or force them to commit suicide.

Tremere are mostly Camarilla. They are known as the blood mages of the vampire society. They are very feared and thus not trusted by no one. The newly sired Tremere are called neonates. Their abilities are to decrese their enemy's strength and magic and to see their enemies auras. Their main ability is blood magic, but it's most commonly known as Thaumaturgy. Purge spell is one of the most commonly used spells- it makes the victim turn sick, pale, and vomit blood for a few seconds. Another one is the blood beetle which hurls a beetle made from blood which enters the body and steales positive energy and brings it back to the caster. The beetle can also stay in the enemy's body and continue to do damage, but it won't be there for more than twenty seconds. More experienced and older Tremere can cast blood cauldron. It is the ultimate blood spell. It can make the victim explode like a giant blood balloon, covering the surrounding people in boiling blood that will do a lot of damage to them as well.

Nosferatu are so ugly that they have an Appearance of zero. Gatherers of knowledge and information is what they do best. If a vampire wants information, they go to the Nosferatu — if they can find them. When a human becomes a Nosferatu, they undergo a horrid transformation and appear hideous in the end. Nosferatu fail any action that involves their Appearance. Nosferatu take any chance they can get to disgust Toreadors with their appearance and actions, because they are jealous of them. They usually live in the sewers and elaborate secret tunnels, hidding away from all "normal looking" people. They have a heritage from Gangrel, being able to perform animalism as well, but are not able to bring it to such levels as the Gangrel. They also have a great indurance to pain, wounds and loss of blood and can use a spell that can make them invisible.

The Brujah are warriors and brutes, idealists and iconoclasts. Most of them are Anarchs, which have a multitude of philosophies within their ranks, ranging from poorly thought out violent rages against the Camarilla, attempts to change it subtly or democratically, to those who when offered a sniff of power return faithfully to its ivory tower. They have an extreme endurance to pain, wounds and lack of blood. They also can fight wih an intoxicating speed. Their ability to see their enemy's aura is also notable.

Politics are well-known. There are two factions- Camarilla and Sabbat. The Camarilla is an organisation created to the idea of making sure that vampire society is not discovered by the human one. It's law is called the Masquerade- it is a facade, intended to deceive and conceal, to keep vampire existence unknown to mortal human beings- It states that no vampire must allow to be seen by humans while feeding on other humans. They are not allowed to tell any human about the vampire society and their own condition, unless the vampire is going to sire this human. There are other rules about the Masquerade, but I think that these are enough.

The Sabbat on the other hand, are a sect of vampires who believe that it's vampires job to destroy humankind. They have a horrifying appearance, one of beasts and chaotic raged demons. They do not recognise the Masquerade, and are hunted and attacked by the Camarilla, who tries constantly to stop them. They, on their hand, are trying to destroy the Camarilla in order to gain access to the human world without being impeded by them.

Another thing is that the vamp char are allowed to be only Anarchs and Camarilla. No Sabbats. The most importaint thing about vampires is the beast inside them. It is the dark side of the human soul, that reseaves even more power, when the human is sired(turned into vampires). If a vampire drinks a human dry(leaves no blood in a humans body) the beast reseave a certain amount of power, and the vampire looses a part of his humanity, and the more humans they drink dry the less humane they become, until they are nothing but berserk animals that need to be put out of their missery. So vampires tend to watch out how they feed.
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