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An entry from the journal of G.O.Devine
Renzil 9, 7,000,000,100,386

Entry 13,004,831,728

Although my recent entries have been rather negative, I have finally found justification in my escape from the asylum. I can now prove without a doubt that I, Gerald Oswald Devine, am not insane. The soft voices I hear, for which I was committed, are truly coming from tiny organisms, a cancer, growing and populating; a free floating microorg celloton orbiting a tiny implant in my inner ear.

I found this using a subtron analyzer with some slight modifications. I guess sometimes the simplest things provide the answer. Sadly, some of the other heat implants have had the same effect. A larger implant in my neural system has created mutations to many of the surrounding microorg collotons causing me to lose the use of the right side of my body.

I am slowly dying. I only hope someone will soon find this journal to warn others. This epidemic must be stopped. Although it is too late for me, perhaps my suffering will not have been in vain. This will be my last entry.

- G.O.Devine
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